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Fiction I have written

Here are links to the fiction (mostly short stories) that I have written from time to time. They are arranged in chronological order of entry on the web site.

The Man Who Wrote The Necronomicon
My Dinner at Andre's
A Question of Identity
A Love Story
Writer's Block
The Deuce of Diamonds
Grandfather Lizard
Grampa Tells a Story
A Christmas Story
The Little Boy, The Piglet, and The Elf In The Well
The Stone of St. Ambercroft
The Archivist
A Dinner Best Served Cold
The Scream of Nightingales
The Shoe Salesman
Jenny's Tail
The man who thought he was stupid
How much is that doggy in the window?
The Man Who Only Saw Bricks
The Golden Coin of God
The many selves of Wendover Jones
Nameless Crimes
A Whore In The Knight
It happened one day
The Sausage Makers of Philadelphia
My First Trophy
The ghost of Christmas past
Hanging Out At Louie's Place
The Lady With Borzoi's
Just One Of The Guys
The frog who was a prince
The Vampire
Catching Rabbits
Coin Operated Amusements
A City in the Sand
The rise and fall of Ebenezer Feingaster
Howard's Christmas
God, Dreaming
Friday Night at the Chocolate Pussycat
The Bore
Next Thursday
A walk through the universe
The Diary of Sebastian Lord
The Lettuce Wine Story
Lord Geste - Chapter XVII
The Goatherder
A time for life, a time for lists
In your next and future life ...
Two Roses in Provence
Good Bye Father, I love you
The Dancers
In your next and future life ...
The Book of True Names
Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man
The Three Stones
The Prince Who Fell To Earth
The Chameleon
The tale of the two sisters
The Adventures of Roger Dodger, Space Cadet, Chapter VII
The Shadow Wars
Parchman's Folly
The Wanderer
A Night In Utopia
The old man and the samurai
Gustave Petrovsky
Gray horses in the mist
The face in the mirror
The Monastery on Shenn mountain
The incident at 1134 Goose Neck Bay
The Enchanted Swamp
The Snow Baby
A very familiar book
Until the End of Days
Her husbands' best friend
The Wheel of Fortune
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