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November 1998

Warped Food From Warped Minds

Recently I requested suggestions for dishes that only a warped mind would think of. I got a few suggestions….

Things that people DON’T eat

Peanut butter and sardines sandwiches on raisin bread
Chicken fudge ripple ice cream
Cheese flavored yogurt rice cakes
Stir fried turkey club sandwiches
Tuna Mousse
Spacos (Spam and Velveeta Cheese on pita bread)
Fried umbilical cords
A jello mold of your own head
Squid upside-down cake
Sushi on a stick
Grilled gorilla’s foot
Tuna Salad Omelette
Sashimi Cheesecake
French Fried Stilton
Anchovy Meringue Pie
Chocolate Ice Cream over Grits
Candy-corn casserole (or Kandy-korn Kasserole)
Junior Mint Stew
Booger Pie
Rhubarb and sauerkraut casserole
Mango jalapeno sherbet
Peanut-butter and toothpaste pizza
Wintergreen life-saver tacos
Anchovy ripple tofu ice cream
Collard mousse tofu ice cream
Pesto & cabbage Ice cream

Things that people DO eat

Haggis in phyllo pastry with plum sauce
Tofu Ice Cream
Spamgria (Sangria with Spam chunks afloat)
Deep fried Pizza
Deep fried Mars Bars
Deep fried haggis
Green Chili Brownies
Chicken-flavored chewing gum
Musk flavoured Life-Savers
Black rasberry ice cream with peanut butter topping
Peppermint stick with root beer float
Cheese, marmite & peanut M&M;’s sandwiches
Jalapeno cornbread

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table of contents
November 1998