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Contents For July 1998

July 1998 Editorial
The World’s Shortest Books
He only missed one question
The Birthday Present
Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
I have a son
Sometimes it does take a Rocket Scientist!
First Pregnancy
What is the tradition?
The Regiment of Losers Marches On
Children’s Books You’ll Never See
Gender Benders
What cloning is really all about
A game theoretic approach to the toilet seat problem
How much is that doggy in the window?
The Man Who Only Saw Bricks
Lions and Zebras, Oh My
Book Reviews
The Man Who Was Thursday
The Many Lives of Nathan Childers
Faith and the Oort Cloud
Abusing References
The echo chambers of the heart
I do not know
What does Emily want?
Visions from a private Hell
I keep some pets that I should not
He was just a little boy
Books! Books! Books!
Here is the garden where simples grow
I saw some soldiers on parade
The trees that stood stand no more
I glower a lot
If words could hold the measure of my life

Chip Hitchcock
Larry & Jan Kent
Chip Hitchcock
Chip Hitchcock
Michael McMaster
Chip Hitchcock
Chip Hitchcock
Chip Hitchcock
Chip Hitchcock
Chip Hitchcock
Patricia Wadley