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You begin studying under the tribe’s master of unarmed combat. You are a quick study and a natural athlete. He praises your efforts. Still, there is a problem. He is a master at teaching men. However you are a woman; there are subtle differences in the techniques used by men and by women. He does not know them and can only carry you so far.

He says that for you to be a true mistress of unarmed combat you must study under a true mistress of unarmed combat. There are none such in all of the tribes in the clan. However within the Empire there is a sisterhood of soldiers called the Sisters of the Sword. They are mercenaries, serving whoever will hire them. They have an unarmed combat academy within a border province not far away.

He suggests that you train with them. You don’t want to leave your home and family, and you definitely don’t want to go into the Empire. However you do want to be all that you can be. What will you do?

Remain in the tribe
Study under the Sisters of the Sword