Collected reviews
by Richard Harter

This page contains links to my collected book and movie reviews. Book reviews fall into two categories, reviews of real books, and reviews of fictitious books. Movie reviews are occasional.

Book Reviews of Real Books

A Christmas Carol Revisited
A Fine and Private Place
A Nightmare In Polychrome
A Talent to Deceive
At The Waters Edge
Bonobo, The Forgotten Ape (review)
Darwin’s Black Box – a review
Decline and Fall of the Sioux Nation
Fashionable Nonsense
Feet of Clay
Guardian’s Key — a review
How to build a dinosaur, a review
Istanbul, The Imperial City
Komarr (review)
Lucifer’s Hammer
Night Comes To The Cretaceous
Pandora’s Hope
Radical Son
Road to Endor
Roy Blakeley’s Bee-line Hike
Sam Woke
Selected Essays by Ernst Mayr (review)
Sex On The Brain, biological differences between men and women
Swords, Rings, and The Lord Of The Rings
Tales of the Taoist Immortals
The Blank Slate (review)
The Cosmic Anthropic Principle
The Dechronization of Sam Magruder
The Emergence of Whales
The Fall of Chronopolis
The Hell-Fire Club
The Lion, the Witch, and the Worldview
The Man Who Folded Himself
The Man Who Was Thursday
The methodology of scientific research programmes
The Monkey’s Bridge
The Mote In God’s Eye
The Muse In The Machine (review)
The Napoleon of Crime
The New Evolutionary Timetable
The Outspoken Princess and the Gentle Knight
The Pattern of Evolution
The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
The Symbolic Species (review)
The Tale of Krispos
Theories of Theories of Mind
This Is Biology
This Ol’ Drought Ain’t Broke Us Yet
Whose Song Is Sung

Book Reviews Of Fictitious Books

1984 – Unexpurgated
A Book Called Nabokov
A Hero’s Death
A very familiar book
Book reviews by Nathan Childers
Childe Martha
Dancing on the Edge of Forever
Death in the garden of reason
Dreams of a Lesser God
Mahler and Sons
Sons Of the Bird
The Confessions of Ayn Rand
The Death of Fiction
The Door Into Winter
The Dragon Sword
The Doppelganger of Dabney Prood
The Face of God
The Life And Times of Delos D. Harriman
The Little Kings
The Many Lives of Nathan Childers
The Nathan Childers Papers
The UpDated Rocket to the Morgue by James Nicoll
The Village Cats
Three Faces of Adam
William Martin
Wittgenstein’s Ghost
We Three Queens of Orient Are
Yes, This August

Movie reviews

Confessions of an Anastasia Junky
It’s A Wonderful Life?
Two Adams, two Eves, and other thoughts
Dungeons and Dragons
Going to the movies
Sith Love
Watchmen – the movie

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