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math & computers
December 2001

Programming resources


Code collections

Bob Stout’s Code Snippets
This is a collection of odds and ends of code fragments. Good place to look for date and string search stuff. Cute bit count stuff.

Sort & string algorithms

Sedgewick’s Shell Sort
Sedgewick’s shell sort with optimized interval numbers.

Ternary Search Trees
This page covers both Bentley & Sedgewick’s ternary search trees and fast sort and search algorithms based on ternary search trees. Supposedly they are faster than hash tables for symbol tables. Also see their Dr. Dobb’s article.

Comb sort
Code for a comb sort (shell sort?)

Exact string matching algorithms
This has full descriptions of a suite of algorithms for exact string matching.


Borland’s free C++ compiler
Supposedly a good C++ compiler for the PC. Also see Get started with Borland’s free C/C++ commandline tools.

The comp.lang.c FAQ page

The Ruby scripting language home page

Oingo languages page
Oingo maintains descriptions with links of a large number of languages.

Languages for the Java VM
Various alternate implementations of java and other languages in java.

The Great Computer Language Shootout
This is a big cross-comparison of scripting languages with many test comparisons. The code in the tests is a good illustration of coding in the various languages.

Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters.

Calc – C-style arbitrary precision calculator
This looks to be a very useful source for bignum code.

Configuration Management

CM Today
An online CM newsletter. It has links to the various CM vendors

The CM newsgroup FAQ
This is the comp.software.config-mgmt newsgroup FAQ. Lots of good links.

CM Tools FAQ
This is the CM tools page of the FAQ. Good links and descriptions but somewhat out of date. Problem Management tools FAQ
This the problem management tools page of the FAQ.

Unified Configuration Management
A good site dedicated to info and thoughts about the CM world.

Random number generation

Mersenne Twister
This may be the best random number generator extant.

NIST cryptographic tool kit
This is the random number page in the NIST cryptographic tool kit.

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table of contents
math & computers
December 2001