Religion and Philosophy

From time to time I have written pieces that vaguely fall into the categories of religion or philosophy. I feel that it is only fair to warn any sensitive Christians who may happen to stumble upon these pages that I am not at all Christian and that some of these articles are either subtly or grossly blasphemous. In turn I must warn the truly militant atheists that I have a natural turn for the language of the hell and brimstone preacher. And, for those lacking a lively sense of humor, I will merely say that these pages are likely to be highly confusing.

Mathegensis, The Book Of Mathematical Foundations
The Completely Radical Anthropic Principle
A Discussion of Theology
A Creationist FAQ
Post Modern Creationism
A poor girl’s testimony of GOD’S LOVE (anonymous)
On the definition of definition
Freud, Flytraps, and Fish
A Review of Moggin’s Post-modernism FAQ
Why God Never Received Tenure At Any University
The Moral Philosophy of Mike Morris
Jesus Christ and Elvis Presley
A choice that cannot be made
Deconstruction and Chomsky
Theories of Theories of Mind
Insight in Science
Reflections On C.S. Lewis
The Face of God
The Small And Stupid Gods
The Small And Stupid Gods – Notes
Dreams of a Lesser God
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Fashionable Nonsense
The Sausage Makers of Philadelphia
The methodology of scientific research programmes
Postmodernists on Jerry Springer
Theological Engineering Exam 1
Evolution and Morality
Why believe in evolution?
Do you exist?
A better answer
A new disproof of the existence of God
On the Teleological Content of Queueing Theory
What happens in Room 101?
The ethics of AI servitude
The Atheist and The Believer
The First Day’s Lecture
Pandora’s Hope
Mathematics and Tautologies
The Top 10 Philosophy Questions of All Time, Answered!
An essay on wasting one’s life
Coming to an Understanding
Who are you?
Zen Judaism
What would Jesus drive?
Set theories with a true universal class
A short essay on God and Four Sided Triangles
A violation of trust
Boosting the Universities Image
Opium of the People?
Educating for Life (by Johann Christoph Arnold)
A permutation metatheorem
Obesity in a World of Hunger
Will the virginia tech tragedy change us?
A fountain of errors
Grounds for belief
Lawns and God
Harter’s precept
The Eight Virtues
The Wisdom of Will Rogers
The Sorites Paradox
Answers to top 10 pivotal philosophy questions
The mayonaise jar and two cups of coffee
The seven wonders of the world

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