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It is late in the age of the West wind. The Empire is still rich and powerful but its wealth and power are being dissipated in civil wars, corruption, and conspicuous consumption. The climate has changed and not for the better; the winter storms are more severe and droughts are more frequent.

You are reborn as the daughter of a barbarian chieftain. Your mother is from the Empire. Long ago she was taken as a prisoner in a raid and made the slave wife of your father. Today, however, she is his only wife and is an honored member of the tribe.

She hates the Empire for the death of her father and for not protecting her native village. She has taught you to hate the Empire. The tribal lays tell of a time ages ago when your tribe conquered the Empire and ruled it. Your mother feels that it is time for that to happen again. Only then will her revenge be complete.

You are the only living child of your father. As such you are his heir. He could adopt someone to be his son and heir. He could choose a husband for you who would become the next chief. The tribe has no bar against the chief being a woman.If you were to prove yourself in arms to be the equal of any challenger you might become the next chief yourself.

As a young girl you have a major decision to make. Your mother wants you to train in the martial arts; she is obsessed with the thought of your being the instrument of her revenge. Your father feels that you should enjoy your girlhood. However he says that this is a decision that is up to you. You are quite a bit of a tomboy but you aren’t sure that you are that much of a tomboy. What will you do?

Begin training in the martial arts
Enjoy your girlhood