Home Start

It is early in the Age of the North Wind. Times are troubled. The hand of the Emperor is palsied, and his reach is short. Bandits and barbarians abound.

You are a young woman in a small village near the border. You have a husband whom you adore, and a delightful young baby boy. One day a band of barbarians sweep through the village. Your husband is killed while defending the village. You are raped and your son is slain.

Once the barbarians leave and you have grieved for the time of grieving you must decide what to do next. You could return to your parents home. They would welcome you, but you would be little better than a servant. You could join a convent.

You would prefer to make your own living; however there are many widows pursuing a few small opportunities. One possibility open to you and not to others is to become a wet nurse. What will you do?

Return to your parents home
Join a convent
Become a wet nurse