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It is the height of the Age of the North Wind. Times are troubled. There have been a series of weak Emperors. The barbarians have stolen one of the outer provinces. Generals are establishing themselves as warlords. The civil service is especially corrupt. Natural disasters are frequent.

You are reborn as the daughter of a great noble. He has no sons and has rested all of his hopes in you. He has inculcated you with the ideals of service to the Empire. You burn with the desire to serve and reform the Empire so as to restore it to its natural glory.

Because of your position and your inheritance you can marry well. You need to choose a husband who will help restore the Empire. You could seek a husband in the civil service; your support will help him rise high. You could seek a husband in the military; perhaps he will become a great general. If neither choice suits you, you could marry another great noble. Where will you seek a husband?

In the civil service
In the military
In the nobility