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It is the dawn of the age of the East Wind. You are a young maid in a nobleman’s manor. There are three men who are interested in you.

One is a younger son of the lord of the manor. He would be a great deal of fun but he would never marry you. If you were to have a child by him it would be well treated; however having his child would make it hard for you to find a husband.

There is a scullery boy who is a year younger than you. He is handsome but immature, and he has no prospects. If you were to marry him you might have to manage him.

Finally there is an older man, who is lazy and who complains a lot. He is not well liked. Something in you, however, tells you that you could love him and that his love for you would redeem him.

Which of these three will you encourage?

The younger son
The immature lad
The unsatisfactory older man.