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It is late in the age of the West Wind. In the middle of the Imperial Park there is a lake. In the middle of that lake there is an island called the Island of the Dead. It is there on that island that the Emperors and Empresses of the past are buried. You are the ferryman whose duty it is to ferry the dead from their place in life to their final resting place. By ancient tradition no other boat than yours may dock at the Island of the Dead. Your father was ferryman before you, and his father before him, and so on back into time.

One day a nobleman comes to you and offers you much gold if you will take the coffin of his father to the island and bury it there secretly. Ordinarily you wouldn’t think of doing such a thing, but it happens that you have an extraordinarily ugly daughter who is very much in love with a young nobleman. If you provide a great dowry he will marry your daughter. You dote on your daughter and can refuse her nothing. You could refuse the offer and break your daughter’s heart. You could accept the gold and bury the nobleman’s father on the Isle of the Dead. Or you could accept his gold and cheat him by dumping the coffin into the lake. What will you do?

Break your daughter’s heart
Bury the nobleman’s father
Cheat the nobleman