Home Start

It is late in the Age of the North Wind. You are reborn as a great merchant. The Empire is in a state of chaos; barbarians are troublesome, the Emperial dynasty has produced a series of weak and venal Emperors, and the civil service is incompetent and corrupt. You, however, have managed to profit from the chaos and have kept your house strong.

Your daughter whom you dote upon has become enamoured of a poor man, an honest apothecary. He is not at all suitable but your daughter seems determined. Do you bless the union despite your misgivings, absolutely forbid it, surreptitiously help the young man, or call him in and tell him that he will have to improve his state in life if he is to marry your daughter.

Bless the union.
Forbid it.
Surreptitously help the young man.
Tell him to improve his situation.