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It is late in the Age of the South Wind. You are reborn as a painter. The Empire is prosperous; the barbarians are quiet and trade flourishes. The Emperor has decided to embellish the glory of the Imperial Palace with more stately buildings and more beautiful artwork. To this end he has announced a great competition of painters, sculptors, and calligraphers. The winners will work on the beautification of the palace. If you enter the competition and win you will you will be working on a great project and will gain much honor, glory, and wealth; however you will be working under direction. You have great faith in your talent; however you have not polished your skill. If you enter the competition you may not win a place in the project. You could seek a position as an assistant instead. Perhaps it is best not to aim so high and instead perfect your skills.

Enter the competition.
Seek a position as an assistant.
Perfect your skills instead.