Home Start

It is early in the Age of the West Wind. You are reborn as a house servant in the mansion of a great noble. Your tasks are many and menial. The lord’s chamberlain does not like you and frequently shouts at you for being lazy. Your thoughts dwell on how you are mistreated. You dream of running away and becoming a bandit. In your day dreams you picture yourself as becoming a great bandit chief and taking vengeance on those who have persecuted you. You are lazy, however, and dreams are easier than reality.

The lord is having a great feast and has slain a bullock to feed his guests. By your clumsiness you spoil half the meat. The cook is livid and complains of you to the chamberlain who has you beaten. This is too much; you are determined to run away. Just as you are about to leave your fear gnaws at you; the mansion is familiar and warm and you know nothing of banditry. Do you do the bold thing and leave or do you do the craven thing and stay?

Bravely run away.
Cravenly stay.