Collected Recipes

If you think that this is not the sort of web site to have recipes, you are right. None-the-less it does, mostly because unusual recipes cross my way and tickle my fancy from time to time. This page was inspired by the recipe mentioned below for whole stuffed camel, a dish I commend to you for your next neighbourhood cookout. Now that the page is here I expect I will add new and useful recipes from time to time.

If you are truly into strange and wonderful recipes I can commend to you Bert Christensen’s pages. Check out his recipe pages and his links page.

Delectable recipes found at this site

Whole Stuffed Camel
Richard’s Recipe For Hot Oil
Kitty Litter Cake
Richard’s Recipe For Beef Stew
The Thompson Turkey
Mountain Oysters
Larry Goldberg’s Dieter’s Passover Pizza
Ted Samsel’s Sponge Cake
Jansson’s Temptation
Traditional recipe for preparing gar
Homemade Chicago Pizza
Drunken Shrimp Nero
Richard’s Stir Fry
Why Engineers Don’t Write Recipes
Chicken with a mushroom and garlic sauce
Richard’s Dessert Topping
Cabbage and Ground Pork Casserole
Richard’s Hummus Recipe
Elephant Stew
A Good Chicken Recipe
Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake
Pesto Sauce

Articles and such about food

A Texas Chili Contest
Eating Out and Throwing Up
The Cookbook of Jean-Paul Sartre
Palmetto Bugs and Literary Criticism
The 8 Worst Convenience Foods
Kosher Bagel Seeds
Warped Food From Warped Minds
A rather unconventional restaurant review
Medical Q & A
The Rules of Chocolate…..
What about Twinkies?
Thanksgiving Weather Forecast
Martha Stewart explains Jewish food
Thanksgiving turkey

Links to culinary delights found elsewhere

Meat and potatoes wedding cake
Insect recipes galore as seen on Jay Leno
Direct from Kazakstan, Equine delights
Rosewood: Weird & Different Recipes
Eating Our Brothers and Sisters

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