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The puzzle page

Puzzles and games

This page contains links to various puzzles and mind benders that I have chosen to decorate this site with. Enjoy.

A Little Intelligence Test
Garden Path Sentences
Caliban’s Will
The world’s easiest quiz?
The Densa Quiz!
Are you a true professional?
The Reincarnation Game
What is it?
North Station and South Station
Another easy quiz
A simple math problem
Do you have a quick mind?
College entrance exam for student athletes
Choosing a world leader
Geezer Exam
A puzzle full of chestnuts
Remembering history
A Quiz For People Who Know Everything
Just How Observant Are You?
How many boys and girls?
Just Another Easy Quiz
The Great Le Woogie Reads Your Mind
A little math problem
The two envelopes puzzle
How old is Grandma?
Who are the two men?
One Tough Quiz
The vicar and the bell ringer
The signs of the Zodiac
When palindromes are numbers


Optimal line of play in a false carding situation (bridge)
What to bid with 13 clubs
Best play in a suit – I
Best play in a hand – II
Best play in a hand – III


On not being a professional poker player
How would you play the hand

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table of contents