Post Modern Creationism

Herein is an account of a theory of Creationism that does take into account all manner of difficulty, that does resolve the conflict between Science and Religion by taking due notice of the true nature of knowledge as revealed by Post-Modernism.


In these latter days there is a great conflict between the picture of the world as revealed by science and the history of the world as recorded in the Holy Bible. How can this be? Surely the Author of the Universe, He who made it all, could not be so mistaken about the date and manner of the Creation. How shall we account for this paradox?

There are some who reject the word of God out of hand, who deny the account of the Bible in its entirety. We may ignore them for God will tend to them. If they burn in Hell for all Eternity that is their doing and none of our own.

There are those who would rescue Genesis from Science by explaining the book of Genesis as mere myth making, as a parable. They speak learnedly of folk stories and the like. Ignore them. These myth mongers would take the word of God and make it into the words of man. All unknowing, they do the work of Satan.

There are those who would refute the findings of science, who call themselves creation scientists. Do not be misled by these gentry; at best they are deluded; at worst they are knaves who labor at lies in the name of religion. These latter are indeed the favored children of Satan for they corrupt the Church itself. Make no mistake, there is no refuting what science has told us. The scientists give us not revealed faith; they give us data in great abundance. You may, if you like, check their findings for yourself but it matters not whether you do so or nay, for they, themselves, check their findings ceaselessly.


A wise man, one Erasmus Darwin, propounded a theory. Erasmus was the grandfather of Charles, who was not wise but was merely clever. Erasmus thought to reconcile the great age of the Earth, as revealed by geology, with the account in Genesis by saying that the world was created with the appearance of great age.

He adduced many arguments for his theory but, in the end, no one accepted it. The scientists cared naught for it was not a scientific hypothesis; it in nowise affected their studies. And the Godly found it anathema for, when all was said and done, it made God out to be a great liar. This could not be, for God is the very essence of Truth itself.

As I said, Erasmus was wise, so he grasped the essential truth. But he was not clever, so he made a great error. There is a great Lie in the very heart of the world; it hath the appearance of age and yet it be young. Erasmus saw the Lie but he laid to the wrong author. It is not God who is the Father of Lies; it is Satan. And surely this great Lie, this Lie of all lies, is the handiwork of Satan.

But how could this be? Satan, as we all know, has no power of creation. Satan could not have remade the Universe to foster his deception. And he did not. Satan works, not by his own hand, but by the hand of those he deceives and corrupts. So it is Man who has remade the world, Man has implemented this great lie, all at Satan’s behest. How was this done? Now therein lies a tale.


What is inside a rock? We do not know. But we can make inferences; we can xray it, we can weigh it, we can extrapolate its geological history, and so on and so forth. But we truly do not know what is inside it until we break it open and look. Did it ever occur to you to wonder if what you found was not really there until you opened it up?

Have you ever taken a biology course and, in the laboratory, tried to see under the microscope the details of a cell, features that you were told to look for? Do you remember those early days of confusion, when all you saw was a mass of obscure, meaningless detail. Do you remember how you learned to “see” what you were expected to see? Did it ever occur to you to wonder if the and organelles that you found were really there until you learned to see them? Can you remember what the cell looked like before you learned to “see”?

The nature of a thing is not defined, is not fixed, until someone perceives it. Until someone looked at a cell under the microscope and made out its features the cell could have been anything. Until men thought they knew how to determine the interior of rocks there could have been anything inside a rock. Until men measured the distance to the Sun it could have been any distance. Until men decided that the world was round it could have been either flat or round. The truth that is of God’s word is certain truth for it is from God. The truth that men believe is but a social convention; the truth of men is merely what men believe to be true. And, just as God left it to Man to name the animals in all their kinds so did God leave it to Man to flesh out the details of His Creation.

And therein did Satan see his opportunity and therein did Satan seize it. Having corrupted Man, Satan sought to corrupt Creation itself. And he was subtle and he was patient for his plan was not of the moment but of a great design to capture eternity. And he proceeded thuswise.


In the days before Noah he worked directly to corrupt the hearts of men and spread wickedness throughout all the lands for he foresaw that the wrath of God would be turned against the evil of Man and that all would be destroyed in a great flood. And it was Satan’s hope that all would be destroyed and Creation would be ended. But it was not so and Man began anew with Noah and his sons. And so Satan began anew.

God gave Man free will and this Satan used against Man. God gave Man intelligence and pride. These gifts Satan used also against Man. When Noah and his sons spread out to repopulate the world Satan did cloud their minds with pride and sin so that they turned their vision away from God. And then God did choose one people to keep His word that His truth might not be lost forever. And amongst His people He did prepare the way for the Redemption of all mankind.

And Satan foresaw this and Satan knew that the words of Christ would be sweet in men’s ears for the words of Christ would ring with the music of the Lord. And Satan foresaw that men would flock to the Church and that many souls would be saved to his great distress. But Satan also foresaw that he had time in which to work his evil, if he be subtle enough.


Whilst God did protect His people and did ensure that His word would not be lost Satan did his work among the Heathen and the Pagan. And just as God chose the Jews to be His people, so did Satan choose the Greeks to be his people. But Satan was subtle and asked not for worship and sacrifices for Satan cared nothing for his chosen people, save that they be his tool in his great war against God.

And so it was that the Greeks invented Philosophy all unknowing at Satan’s behest. The grand schemes of intellect, the poetry, the works of art, all those were devised by men for Satan createth not but only destroys. But Satan did whisper in the hearts of men that they could know Truth by force of mind alone and did teach them pride in the thinking of men. And Satan did induce them to multiply distinction upon distinction and did prepare the way for a belief that the Universe was governed by Godless Law.

Satan cared not for the Greeks and discarded them in turn. Satan sought not their souls, though he welcomed them eagerly and devoured them each in turn; rather he laid the ground work for Science which was to be his weapon against Creation.


What is inside a rock? How is a mountain made? Satan taught Man to ask such questions. And as men asked these questions and sought answers they looked to nature and made distinctions and taught themselves to see such distinctions and thereby created truth, for truth is that which men believe to be true. And so it was that mountains became layered and had all manner of structure. And thus it was curiously shaped rocks first became freaks of nature and then remnants of creation and then became fossils. And as men came to believe in such so was creation shaped by the thoughts of men.

Satan did whisper tales of great antiquity into the ears of Scientists, men who thought themselves Godly but were hopelessly corrupted by pride of intellect. They willed to see the world as old, contrary to God’s word, and so did warp the nature of Creation to have the appearance of age. They willed to see bones in the rock and, lo, it came to pass that there were bones in the rock.

But these were the bones of monsters, of fierce and unnatural beasts, for these bones and remains were none of the work of God but rather were the work of Man and were fashioned out of the dark nightmares of men’s souls, nightmares that Satan did feed. So it was that men did imagine leviathans and monstrous carnivores and they did populate the endless eons with dark images drawn from darkened souls. Thus was God’s Creation perverted.

Nor did Satan’s work end with geology. The works of the Greeks, those lost children of Satan’s evil, were the root of Mathematics and Physics and Astronomy. Satan did whisper to learned men, saying that they by force of mind alone could divine the laws governing the Universe, all whilst ignoring the Divine Law that governs all. Thus did the lights in the sky, the stars which God had created to beguile the night, become great glowing balls of gas. And so it came to pass that Newton laid down laws that governed the motion of all matter.

And Satan whispered again and still again in the souls of men of great intellect, saying that they too could lay down laws governing the workings of the Universe. And these men listened and they labored and they devised subtle laws and they found endless distinctions whereby to apply these laws. And is doing so they forgot God’s word and remade Creation in the image of their own minds.

Nor was this an end to Satan’s perfidy, for Satan doth reward those who do his work in this world. He gifts them with the wealth of this world, albeit his gifts are poisoned for Satan is ever the master of deceit. So it was that Satan taught Man to use Science for worldly advantage. And Man listened to Satan and devised Technology, making marvelous machines that multiplied wealth without end and poisoned the Earth, all to Satan’s delight for Man, not content with perverting God’s Creation, befouled it as well in his greed and pride.


Thus it is that Satan hath induced Man to alter Creation beyond all recognition so that the Truth of God is no longer perceptible by reason but only by Faith. But all of Satan’s snares availeth not for God is the master of all. The time draws near when God will sweep away all manner of illusion and all of the artifices of Satan and all of the errors of Man will be laid bare. And when that great Judgment is held the Scientists will be called to answer for their crimes against Creation. So be it, Amen, forever.

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