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The Poets Corner

When I was in college I spent many an hour writing poetry. It was, I suppose, wretched stuff although I will let my readers be the judge of that. It was romantic in the high style; I had not then seen Gilbert and Sullivan’s Bunthorne but I wrote from his copybook. For a while afterward I wrote poetry off and on and then time and changing circumstances swallowed up the poetic impulse and the muse was stilled. But I never forgot that, among other things, I was a poet.

When I created this web site I decided to add a page for my collected verse. I retrieved it from moldering old folders and created a web page. An unexpected byproduct of my archaeological effort was that I started writing poetry again. There are three pages of collected verse, a page for sonnets, and separate pages for long individual poems:

Morning Songs Verse written in my college years.
Interlude Verse written inbetween.
Evening Verse Verse written lately.
Wild Flowers Third millenium verse
Collected sonnets Collected Sonnets.
Zhandivar Epic Fantasy Poem
The Raven King Epic Fantasy Poem
The Keeper Of Her Soul Epic Fantasy Poem

Each poem is preceded by a comment, a moment of criticism or explanation. It is one of the follies of age that you can no longer simply declaim without the urge to explicate. The poems themselves, by the way, should be read aloud — poetry is meant for the ear as well as for the eye.

Note: The Morning Songs and Interlude sections will not change unless I discover some unpublished poems. The Evening Verse section changes from time to time as I add new verse.

This page was last updated January 7, 2000.