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Richard Harter, Human Being?

Web pages are the ultimate ego trip. They are a place where you can express yourself, unbound by constraints of modesty, editorial taste, or screaming boredom on the part of the viewer. They are a place where you can parade yourself, your interests and personal trivia for the edification of whomever may happen to chance upon your personal monument to ego. This is my web page. It’s my turn.

I don’t worry about dying.
It’s not going to happen in my lifetime

Personal Statistics And Such

Date of Birth June 29, 1935
Where born Hyde County, So. Dakota
Father Morris Harter, 1912-1964
Mother June Harter nee Hanson, 1914-2002
Sister Lynn Saint James, b. 1938
Sister Nanci Ann Adams, b. 1945
Sister Lois Ann Harter, b. 1950
Grade School North Eagle Township Country School
High School Highmore High School, grad 1952
College So. Dakota State University, grad 1965
Military USMC, 1954-1957

In other words I was born in 1935 in Hyde county, South Dakota to Morris and June Harter. I have three sisters, Lynn, Nanci, and Lois who were born in 1938, 1945, and 1950. I grew up on a cattle ranch and attended a one room country school. I went to high school in the nearby town of Highmore. I had a very irregular college career before finally getting my BS in math in 1965. In between times I was in the Marine Corps from 1954 to 1957, fortunately missing any wars. All of this happened before most of my readers were born.

Over the years I have done the “have brain, will travel” trick, been a not-so-big-name SF fan, hacked the internet, started companies, ridden horses, dabbled with being an actor, written some wretched poetry, made love, played some serious poker, ridden some horses, tracked some missiles, played volleyball, did a bit of writing, did some serious gardening, and read an awful lot of books. It’s been an interesting life so far. I mean to tell you, dear reader, all about it in this collection of pages.

This page is dedicated to Richard Theodore McElwee who taught me to sing the Marine Corps hymn to the tune of Clementine and vice versa.

Having recently acquired access to a scanner I have added some random pictures for your delectation. As an act of kindness for those who don’t want to wait forever for pictures to download I’m listing the pictures; click on any that you think you might want to take a look at.

Before I was born, Life at the Ranch

These pages are, like most of the web, under construction. I have a lot of stuff that I mean to write that I haven’t written yet. Here are some of the topics that you can look forward to:

When I was a youngster I decided that the thing to do was to live an interesting life so that I would have lots of good stories to tell when I got older, so that’s what I did. The catch is that by the time it gets around to story telling time you’ve already told the damn things a zillion times already, you’ve forgotten whom you’ve told them to a zillion times already, and you never remember to tell the best ones. The nifty thing about the web is that you can do a brain dump of the whole mess onto web pages and get on with life. I still have things to do and places to go.

This page was last updated February 6, 2012

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