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Pages Added In 2008

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2008. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 8 Comp. Sci Robust Handles
Dec 6 Editorial The Eyes Have It
Dec 6 Humor Bubba had the shingles
Dec 6 Humor The cabby’s sin
Dec 6 Humor You Know You Are Having a Bad Day When…
Dec 6 Humor Just Vegging With his Buds
Dec 6 Humor How to Buy Paint
Dec 6 Humor Deer Hunting?
Nov 3 Personal Sister Lynn
Nov 3 Humor Long Gone
Nov 3 Humor Talking His Way Out of a Ticket
Nov 3 Humor Good & Evil
Nov 3 Humor The tip
Nov 3 Humor The power of the badge
Nov 3 Humor The Disaster Zone
Nov 3 Editorial The gentle breeze bloweth
Oct 1 Editorial Apple Breath
Oct 1 Humor A shoe on the door
Oct 1 Humor Casting a Spell
Oct 1 Humor Jury Selection
Oct 1 Humor Making love in the morning
Oct 1 Humor Distraught & Disdressed
Oct 1 Humor Calmness in our lives
Oct 1 Gender Why men don’t write advice columns
Oct 1 Gender Friendship amongst the sexes
Oct 1 Comp Sci San specification revisions – October 1, 2008
Aug 26 Origins Demolishing the modern synthesis
Aug 26 Origins Harter’s precept
Aug 26 Comp Sci Function pointers vs switch cases
Aug 26 Sci Fi Incest and Foundation
Aug 26 Sci Fi Hartercon II
Aug 26 Personal My father’s tractor
Aug 26 Humor Heavenly Kitty
Aug 26 Humor Customs & Excise
Aug 26 Humor Tenjooberrymuds
Aug 26 Humor Mowing, Beer and the Neighbor
Aug 26 Humor The Whole Affair
Aug 26 Humor Nail Down the Answer
Aug 26 Editorial Not This August
Jul 6 Humor The essence of Jewish survival
Jul 6 Humor The Talk
Jul 6 Humor Tent Show
Jul 6 Humor A new order
Jul 6 Humor Cruising
Jul 6 Humor Tower Talk
Jul 6 Editorial What is so rare as a quiet day in June?
Jun 5 Editorial Politics and the truly atrocious
Jun 5 Humor The Order of Things
Jun 5 Humor Innocence is priceless
Jun 5 Humor What they said
Jun 5 Humor Ancient Rules
Jun 5 Humor Wild Wild West
Jun 5 Humor Just Retribution
Jun 5 Origins The skeptic and common descent
Jun 5 Comp.Sci. Merge sort variations
May 1 Comp.Sci. Getspace.h (source code)
May 1 Comp.Sci. Getspace.c (source code)
May 1 Comp.Sci. Trace.h (source code)
May 1 Comp.Sci. Trace.c (source code)
May 1 Comp.Sci. Getspace readme file
May 1 Comp.Sci. Checking arguments in C functions
May 1 Comp.Sci. Arrays with gaps
May 1 Comp.Sci. Heap structured search trees
May 1 Fiction Gray horses in the mist
May 1 Humor A Hard-to-Reach Blonde Dude
May 1 Humor A Challenging Shot
May 1 Humor Prompt Departure
May 1 Humor Call a Doctor!
May 1 Humor The Great Escape
May 1 Humor The simple truth
May 1 Editorial Surrendering to my inner suburbanite
Apr 7 Origins Thermodynamics and Evolution
Apr 6 Editorial But is it beautiful code?
Apr 6 Gender New drugs for women
Apr 6 Humor Wisdom
Apr 6 Humor Southern Charm/a>
Apr 6 Humor No Direction Home
Apr 6 Humor Dating an Old Dude>
Apr 6 Humor Unwanted & Unwarranted/a>
Apr 6 Humor Good Advice/a>
Apr 1 Science!?? A note on the compression of files
Mar 1 Humor Spinning a yarn
Mar 1 Humor The bonus question
Mar 1 Humor Is your cat normal?
Mar 1 Humor The bacon tree
Mar 1 Humor Who said men aren’t sensitive?
Mar 1 Books We Three Queens of Orient Are
Mar 1 Religion Grounds for belief
Mar 1 Religion Lawns and God
Mar 1 Comp Sci Computer Science and Programming
Mar 1 Comp Sci Computer Science Education
Mar 1 Comp Sci Production quality software
Mar 1 Comp Sci Handling storage allocation failure in C
Mar 1 Editorial Merrily mining middens
Feb 1 Comp Sci Common myths about goto’s
Feb 1 Comp Sci Increment/decrement operators in C
Feb 1 Comp Sci Where do two linked lists merge
Feb 1 States Florida Hurricane Season Notes
Feb 1 States Snow days in Minnesota
Feb 1 Gender A different take on gender rules
Feb 1 SF fandom A boy and his fanzine
Feb 1 Humor For Heaven’s Sake!
Feb 1 Humor A lawyer in heaven
Feb 1 Humor The bank manager’s adventure
Feb 1 Humor Talking Dog
Feb 1 Humor A Room With a View?
Feb 1 Humor The Poor Tailor and the French Restaurant
Feb 1 Humor Adult v. Baby
Jan 1 Reviews The Lion, the Witch, and the Worldview
Jan 1 Editorial Defaced
Jan 1 Reviews The Dragon Sword
Jan 1 Darwin Essay-Writing Guide for College Students
Jan 1 Darwin Medical Bloopers
Jan 1 Darwin GCSE Questions and answers
Jan 1 Humor Butt Surgery
Jan 1 Humor Riding a Greyhound
Jan 1 Humor Ears
Jan 1 Humor Blue Pills
Jan 1 Humor Funny incident in my childhood
Jan 1 Humor Pole Jokee
Jan 1 Humor Hanky Pranky
Jan 1 Humor Riding a Greyhound

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