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Pages Added In 2007

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2007. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 1 Gender Departments of public servicep
Dec 1 Philosophy A fountain of error
Dec 1 Comp. Sci. Letters from computer camp
Dec 1 Comp. Sci. getfline.c (source code)
Dec 1 Comp. Sci. getfline.h (source code)
Dec 1 Humor The Haircut
Dec 1 Humor Gamera?
Dec 1 Humor Gone Loco
Dec 1 Humor Save My Wife’s Life!
Dec 1 Humor Playpen Solution
Dec 1 Humor A Frayed-Rope Joke
Dec 1 Humor Three legal parrots
Dec 1 Editorial A cat house across the road
Dec 1 Fiction Gustave Petrovsky
Nov 06 Darwin In the emergency room
Nov 06 Gender A very interesting study
Nov 06 Comp. Sci. Getfline specification
Nov 06 Comp. Sci. Designing a file read utility – a perspective
Nov 06 Humor Worried to Death
Nov 06 Humor Another One Rides the Bus
Nov 06 Humor In a vacuum
Nov 06 Humor River Walk
Nov 06 Humor One need not be Jewish to be a Jewish Mother
Nov 06 Humor Even dogs miss their glory days…
Nov 06 Humor Choosing the right name
Nov 06 Editorial Big doings in outlaw county
Oct 01 Puzzles One Tough Quiz
Oct 01 Guest Monkey Evolution March
Oct 01 Darwin From Actual Letters Sent to Landlords
Oct 01 Darwin Funny Money
Oct 01 Origins Encore
Oct 01 Origins Ordering the flood
Oct 01 Literary Land tenure in the Empire
Oct 01 Literary Return to the Empire
Oct 01 Humor Sand Trap Duffer
Oct 01 Humor Precious Parcel?
Oct 01 Humor Old Caesar
Oct 01 Humor Marriage Statistics
Oct 01 Humor Wild Safari
Oct 01 Humor Two Men from Canada
Oct 01 Humor Bible Prophesy
Oct 01 Editorial Who knows what the nose knows
Sep 06 Editorial It’s so easy to be a googlewhack
Sep 06 Humor Bargain Benz
Sep 06 Humor An Arm for An Arm
Sep 06 Humor A Stray Call
Sep 06 Humor Absent-Minded Rider
Sep 06 Humor 2001: A Space Odd Job
Sep 06 Humor Reassuring Words
Sep 06 Humor Turtle Waxed
Sep 06 Humor Horsing Around
Sep 06 Darwin Save that quarter
Sep 06 Darwin A Licence to Steal
Sep 06 Darwin They Walk Among Us
Aug 01 Darwin Some Questionable High School Test Answers
Aug 01 Darwin Ditties from the Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame
Aug 01 Darwin Baffling Q & A From Lawyers
Aug 01 Comp Sci urtree_public.h
Aug 01 Comp Sci urtree_private.h
Aug 01 Comp Sci urtree.c
Aug 01 Comp Sci Unordered Radix Trees
Aug 01 Humor What a Fool Believe
Aug 01 Humor Tranquility Pill
Aug 01 Humor Hot Dates
Aug 01 Humor The sportsman’s double
Aug 01 Humor A really bad day
Aug 01 Humor A Jewish Name
Aug 01 Humor A problem with her son
Aug 01 Humor Who dunnit?
Aug 01 Editorial No, no, not Bulgarians
Jul 01 Editorial The EPA doesn’t like my website
Jul 01 Gender Dictionary for decoding women’s personal ads
Jul 01 Gender Dictionary for decoding women’s English
Jul 01 Gender Dictionary for decoding men’s English
Jul 01 Gender THE MAN CODE
Jul 01 Darwin One evening in Cambodia
Jul 01 Darwin Cashing a check
Jul 01 Humor An Honest Reaction
Jul 01 Humor One day at the Lamaze class
Jul 01 Humor Smart boss
Jul 01 Humor Not scared of anything
Jul 01 Humor A Time For Charity
Jul 01 Humor The blonde and the millionaire
Jul 01 Humor Over Easy
Jul 01 Humor The Third Wish
Jun 01 Personal One day while driving
Jun 01 Personal This is your brain on skiing
Jun 01 Religon Top Ten Signs You’re a Fundamentalist Christian
Jun 01 Humor Saving lives with physics
Jun 01 Humor Preparation for parenthood
Jun 01 Humor The Big Event
Jun 01 Humor A Vote of Confidence
Jun 01 Humor Lights out
Jun 01 Humor Lost & Found & Conquered
Jun 01 Humor How to Detect a Mental Deficiency
Jun 01 Humor The Hard Truth
Jun 01 Editorial Sex and other matters
May 01 Guest Will the virginia tech tragedy change us?)
May 01 Code readme.txt (text file)
May 01 Code htree.h (source code)
May 01 Code htree.c (source code)
May 01 Editorial Should I be doing this?
May 01 Humor Negotiating in the Middle East
May 01 Humor A Bargain?
May 01 Humor Mongoose In The Box
May 01 Humor CATS
May 01 Humor The Cobra
May 01 Humor Desperate Mother
May 01 Humor Candy Everybody Wants?
May 01 Humor Take Me to the Party
May 01 Darwin Brilliant Customers Of Travel Agents Everywhere
Apr 01 Darwin Let’s Fly
Apr 01 Darwin Lowering the bar
Apr 01 Darwin Real Newspaper Ads
Apr 01 US States Florida Bumper Stickers
Apr 01 Gender Real Men Cooking
Apr 01 Humor Before the operation
Apr 01 Humor Cleansing her sins
Apr 01 Humor A problem with drummers
Apr 01 Humor The Odometer Caper
Apr 01 Humor The Little Fire Engine
Apr 01 Humor Waiting ’til When?
Apr 01 Humor Bouquets of Flowers
Apr 01 Humor The Happy Couple
Apr 01 Comp. Sci. Perceived merits of Fortran
Apr 01 Comp. Sci. A (possibly) fast, novel search technique
Mar 01 Comp. Sci. San specification revisions – March 1, 2007
Mar 01 Humor Women Are Evil By Nature
Mar 01 Humor A penny for his thoughts
Mar 01 Humor The guest’s names
Mar 01 Humor Curse of the Klopman diamond
Mar 01 Humor Without any clothes on
Mar 01 Humor Delivering cars
Mar 01 Humor A service for the dog
Mar 01 Humor Notable quotes
Mar 01 Editorial Leakonomics
Feb 01 Editorial Overly popular pages
Feb 01Science!??? The gravity of the matter
Feb 01 Fandom Insanity
Feb 01 Comp. Sci. McCarthy’s Algorithm
Feb 01 Comp. Sci. Finding breaks in contiguity
Feb 01 Humor Political Spin
Feb 01 Humor Temporary Secretary
Feb 01 Humor Riff Raff in Heaven
Feb 01 Humor Returning Gertrude
Feb 01 Humor Encylopedias
Feb 01 Humor Australian tea
Feb 01 Personal Discovering MITSFS
Jan 01 Personal I am a virus
Jan 01 Comp Sci Where is the comet?
Jan 01 Fandom Where is the comet?
Jan 01 Fandom One Sunday Morning
Jan 01 Humor Christmas and Chanukah
Jan 01 Editorial Millennia zipping by
Jan 01 Darwin Smelling matches
Jan 01 Humor The Mama and the Papa
Jan 01 Humor You Know You’re A Nurse If …
Jan 01 Humor They weren’t married
Jan 01 Humor Annie Oakley’s Sister
Jan 01 Humor After the operation
Jan 01 Humor Christmas and Chanukah

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