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Pages Added In 2006

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2006. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 01 Set Theory A limitation in the construction of zigzag theories
Dec 01 Personal The menace from the north
Dec 01 Personal The Best House in My Home Town
Dec 01 Humor His wife had pneumonia
Dec 01 Humor Only in California…The Tree Hugger
Dec 01 Humor The creepy old castle
Dec 01 Humor The Big G
Dec 01 Humor The great golf match
Dec 01 Humor Classified ad
Dec 01 Humor A Good Question
Dec 01 Humor The deaf wife
Dec 01 Editorial Almost forever
Nov 01 Editorial Peanut Butter Kisses
Nov 01 Humor MORE Well-Educated Teens?
Nov 01 Darwin How NOT to Commit a Bank Robbery!
Nov 01 Humor Tennessee Professional Engineering Exam
Nov 01 Humor How does your state rate?
Nov 01 Humor Involuntary Muscular Contractions
Nov 01 Humor Wrapping the baby
Nov 01 Humor He thought he was dead
Nov 01 Humor Two girls at once
Nov 01 Humor One wish for the holy men
Nov 01 Humor Get Well Soon
Nov 01 Humor The presidential parrot
Nov 01 Humor A strange tingling sensation
Oct 06 Humor Testosterone is not an antibiotic
Oct 06 Humor The religious supply store
Oct 06 Humor Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care
Oct 06 Humor What she had
Oct 06 Humor A fatal prescription
Oct 06 Humor At the gates of heaven
Oct 06 Humor The composition student
Oct 06 Humor His final wish
Oct 06 Humor The religious supply store
Oct 06 Guest Obesity in a World of Hunger
Sep 01 Guest My Revolutionary New Prime Discriminator (Marshall)
Sep 01 Guest A driving force behind Political Correctness
Sep 01 Fandom The Man Who Collected Lovecraft
Sep 01 Darwin Why Engineers should not be parents…….
Sep 01 Humor A little guy in a bar
Sep 01 Humor The Amazing Italian
Sep 01 Humor Nice threads
Sep 01 Humor A better deal
Sep 01 Humor Horses in the night
Sep 01 Humor The Purina Diet
Sep 01 Humor Honoring the priest
Sep 01 Humor One day in Texas
Sep 01 Editorial Tacky is not just a life style – it’s an artform
Aug 01 Set Theory A permutation metatheorem
Aug 01 Guest Educating for Life
Aug 01 Math Humor A Statistical Frizzle
Aug 01 Personal Honey
Aug 01 Personal Whose window is that?
Aug 01 Personal A pious gesture
Aug 01 Personal An Italian Journey
Aug 01 Book Review The Door Into Winter
Aug 01 Puzzles Who are the two men?
Aug 01 Editorial Whatever happened to June?
Aug 01 Humor Pecans in the cemetery
Aug 01 Humor Communication
Aug 01 Humor The missing employee
Aug 01 Humor The free refrigerator
Aug 01 Humor On the Mat
Aug 01 Humor Post turtle
Aug 01 Humor Three wishes
Aug 01 Humor Honey
Jul 01 States You know you’re from Massachusetts if:
Jul 01 States You grew up in rural South Dakota if…
Jul 01 Origins The old man and the samurai
Jul 01 Origins Yet another reason why evolution cannot possibly be true
Jul 01 Literary Great literary taunts
Jul 01 Gender The gender of household items
Jul 01 Food Water and Wine Education
Jul 01 Humor The ethicists and the game theorists
Jul 01 Humor A Jewish woman’s husband dies
Jul 01 Humor American Health Care
Jul 01 Humor Myrna and Ruth
Jul 01 Humor An engineer in Hell
Jul 01 Humor Mildred, the church gossip
Jul 01 Editorial Take nothing for granite
Jun 15 Origins Ways new species originate
Jun 01 Humor Circular Reasoning
Jun 01 Humor Eye See You!
Jun 01 Humor Late at the university
Jun 01 Humor Answering her question
Jun 01 Humor Even Drunks Need Help!
Jun 01 Humor We’re not in Kansas anymore
Jun 01 Editorial Amazing Grace
Jun 01 Comp. Sci. Sequents and lazy lists
Jun 01 Comp. Sci. The third way
May 01 Math You Might be a Mathematician if …
May 01 Humor The Deaf Bookkeeper
May 01 Humor Ethel
May 01 Humor Follow-Up Question
May 01 Humor Too Many Tickets?
May 01 Humor I am blind, please help
May 01 Editorial This place is for the birds
Apr 01 Gender Power outage during a mammogram
Apr 01 Comp. Sci. Theory of Design of Telephone Chains
Apr 01 Personal My flight from Hell
Apr 01 Darwin How do these people survive?
Apr 01 Darwin School absence excuses
Apr 01 Guest 2005 A Year To Remember
Apr 01 Guest Opium of the People?
Apr 01 Humor Mr. Coffee Goes to the Lawyer’s Office
Apr 01 Humor Anger management
Apr 01 Humor Pastor’s Business Card
Apr 01 Humor Conversion
Apr 01 Humor One night in a restaurant
Apr 01 Humor The “state” of Idaho
Apr 01 Editorial March Madness
Mar 01 Editorial Now what have you gotten yourself into?
Mar 01 Philosophy Boosting the Universities Image
Mar 01 Humor 2005 Morons
Mar 01 Darwin Great Moments In Literature
Mar 01 Darwin Always stock toilet paper
Mar 01 Darwin Bizarre Wills and Testaments
Mar 01 Darwin Bridal Shop Workers Resist Bandit
Mar 01 Darwin Great Moments In Literature
Mar 01 Humor Viva Las Vegas
Mar 01 Humor Voting in a democracy
Mar 01 Humor Tequila
Mar 01 Humor Fine Wine
Mar 01 Humor The British Explorer
Mar 01 Humor Spelling water
Feb 01 Fiction A Night In Utopia
Feb 01 Philosophy A violation of trust
Feb 01 Philosophy A short essay on God and Four Sided Triangles
Feb 01 SF Fandom There and back again – a fan’s journey
Feb 01 SF Fandom Special Faanish Editorial Department
Feb 01 Food What about Twinkies?
Feb 01 Book Reviews The Mote In God’s Eye
Feb 01 Personal A Lament For Harvard Square
Feb 01 Personal Blogs and e-zines
Feb 01 Personal The Greatest Mathematician
Feb 01 Humor Flight 293
Feb 01 Humor Don’t let me live like that
Feb 01 Humor The justice of Frederick II
Feb 01 Humor Handling an insurance claim
Feb 01 Humor Toast
Feb 01 Humor To all Grandfathers
Feb 01 Editorial The Way The Future Ought To Have Been
Jan 01 Comp. Sci. San specification revisions – Jan 01, 2006
Jan 01 poetry The face upon the floor
Jan 01 MIT Songs The Tech Coed’s Masturbation Song
Jan 01 MIT Songs The Freshman’s Lament
Jan 01 South Dakota South Dakota News Bulletin
Jan 01 humor If Santa Answered His Mail Honestly…
Jan 01 humor The dead beat neighbour
Jan 01 humor Bernie and the vice president
Jan 01 humor The Welsh Farmer
Jan 01 humor Symbolizing Christmas
Jan 01 humor Instructions from the coach
Jan 01 humor Natchitoches
Jan 01 humor In the rocking chair
Jan 01 Editorial Excuses, always excuses

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