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Pages Added In 2005

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2005. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 01 Stupidos Auto Insurance Claims from Abroad
Dec 01 Stupidos Real 911 Calls
Dec 01 Stupidos Tech Support Horror Stories
Dec 01 Religion The Wanderer
Dec 01 Fiction Parchman’s Folly
Dec 01 Religion Letters from the Chairman of the Board
Dec 01 Puzzles True or False
Dec 01 Personal What the poet meant to say
Dec 01 Humor Beyond a reasonable doubt
Dec 01 Humor New Living Will Form
Dec 01 Humor Bad news on the honeymoon
Dec 01 Humor Psychological Christmas Songs
Dec 01 Humor The Circus Is In Town
Dec 01 Humor What’s Up, Doc?
Dec 01 Editorial Did you really want to read this?
Nov 01 Recipes A Good Chicken Recipe
Nov 01 Math Humor The Evolution of Teaching Mathematics
Nov 01 Personal Fifth, sixth graders go on research tour
Nov 01 Humor Pablo Sanchez
Nov 01 Humor The Golfer And The Leprechaun
Nov 01 Humor Science Experiment
Nov 01 Humor Three little piggies
Nov 01 Humor Calling in Sick
Nov 01 Humor The Ranch Hand
Nov 01 Humor Day-Old Food
Nov 01 Humor Falling Down
Nov 01 Humor Calling in Sick
Nov 01 Editorial Mr. Popularity
Oct 01 bridge Best play in a hand – III
Oct 01 bridge Best play in a hand – II
Oct 01 bridge Best play in a suit – I
Oct 01 religion What would Jesus drive?
Oct 01 religion Zen Judaism
Oct 01 Mathematics Set theories with a true universal class
Oct 01 Programming What is a hacker
Oct 01 Programming Obsequious programs
Oct 01 books The Tale of Krispos
Oct 01 Humor Hypothetic Etiquette
Oct 01 Humor Irving, do you remember
Oct 01 Humor Tailing the husband
Oct 01 Humor One day in Chechnya
Oct 01 Humor Poison Control
Oct 01 Humor The moonshine maker
Oct 01 Humor A Long Cool One
Oct 01 Humor He Taunts Her
Oct 01 Editorial You can’t get it here
Sep 01 Philosophy Who are you?
Sep 01 Fiction Scrooge: Three Days after Christmas and in Psychotherapy
Sep 01 Science!?? The sum of all numbers is one
Sep 01 South Dakota Jeff Foxworthy on South Dakota
Sep 01 South Dakota Are you a true South Dakotan
Sep 01 Personal The Blue Cow Incident
Sep 01 Personal The bonny, bonny banks
Sep 01 Humor Circulation of the blood
Sep 01 Humor One day in the hospital
Sep 01 Humor What was in the Pond
Sep 01 Humor Billy-Bob and Bubba
Sep 01 Humor The new navigator
Sep 01 Humor Putting It In Perspective
Sep 01 Humor Baptists and Catholics
Sep 01 Humor Senior driving
Aug 01 Gender Things she learned from her boys
Aug 01 Gender Ten Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter
Aug 01 Comp. Sci. What is a closure?
Aug 01 Science!?? Dominoe theory
Aug 01 Personal June Harter Waterfowl Production Area (brochure)
Aug 01 Science!?? Dominoe theory
Aug 01 Editorial Hey Dude!
Aug 01 Humor A dog with a problem
Aug 01 Humor Smoking while praying
Aug 01 Humor The NASA Solution
Aug 01 Humor Cultural superiority
Aug 01 Humor Flight 602
Aug 01 Humor The Blonde and her new dogs
Aug 01 Humor Leroy
Aug 01 Humor The sexy mother-in-law to be
Jul 01 Puzzles How old is Grandma?
Jul 01 Puzzles The two envelopes puzzle
Jul 01 Origins Atheistic creationism
Jul 01 Origins A flawed argument
Jul 01 Origins Evolution of the chessmover program
Jul 01 Mathematics Pollard’s rho algorithm
Jul 01 Mathematics Random vector with constraints
Jul 01 Mathematics A brief note on the hailstone conjecture
Jul 01 Gender Male and Female Prayers
Jul 01 Philosophy Tautologies
Jul 01 Fantasy Nine fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom
Jul 01 Humor Pun In Poland
Jul 01 Humor The cowboy in a gay bar
Jul 01 Humor What the nail was for
Jul 01 Humor The final equations
Jul 01 Humor A new dictionary
Jul 01 Humor Firearm death rates
Jul 01 Humor Back in the USSR
Jul 01 Humor One hundred percent
Jul 01 Editorial Compromised!!
Jun 01 Editorial Much ado about something
Jun 01 Science Fiction Sith Love
Jun 01 origins Macroevolution and accumulated microevolution
Jun 01 Science!?? Atheistic Blindtimekeepingism
Jun 01 food The Rules of Chocolate…..
Jun 01 food Elephant Stew
Jun 01 gender Jokes sent to me by a smart woman
Jun 01 gender What he says, What he means
Jun 01 gender Expressions for women on high stress days
Jun 01 Humor Hack Golfer
Jun 01 Humor Life in retirement
Jun 01 Humor There was an old lady
Jun 01 Humor Buying a cadillac
Jun 01 Humor Talmud for Gentiles
Jun 01 Humor Flying to Denver
Jun 01 Humor Strangers in the hospital
May 01 Gender Questions about pregnancy
May 01 Darwin Mothers who shouldn’t be
May 01 Humor Adrift
May 01 Humor Life on the farm
May 01 Humor Dietary Genesis
May 01 Humor Rubber Underwear
May 01 Humor Jackets and ties
May 01 Humor The two undertakers
May 01 Humor Lovey Dovey
May 01 Humor Shower Shopping
May 01 Editorial This little piggie went to market
Apr 01 Editorial Has anyone heard of Fred Figworth?
Apr 01 Humor What he said
Apr 01 Humor Jake and Becky
Apr 01 Humor The beautiful sound
Apr 01 Humor The blonde and the lawyer
Apr 01 Humor Why Women Talk So Much
Apr 01 Humor Saving the Marriage
Apr 01 Humor Too Many Twins
Mar 01 Rhetoric Coming to an Understanding
Mar 01 Humor One evening at the theatre
Mar 01 Humor A Dead-Perfect Fit!
Mar 01 Humor A letter to the rabbi
Mar 01 Humor The MBA and the Mexican Fisherman
Mar 01 Humor Uncle George
Mar 01 Humor Warning about a new scam
Mar 01 Humor Last Will & Testimony
Mar 01 Humor Here Come The Judges
Mar 01 Editorial Richard has a learning experience
Mar 01 Science!?? The size of the Moon and the Earth
Mar 01 Science!?? How Kangaroos Got To Australia
Mar 01 Computers Computer History and Such
Mar 01 Fiction The Adventures of Roger Dodger, Space Cadet, Chapter VII
Mar 01 Fiction The Shadow Wars
Mar 01 Personal Letter to a hotel
Mar 01 Personal Great Books Discussion Groups
Mar 01 Fandom A Statement of Candidacy ?
Mar 01 Fandom How to Use Corflu Department
Mar 01 Fandom The scripture according to Baron Gaston LeCroix III
Feb 01 Computers The TECO command set
Feb 01 Gender Question and Answer
Feb 01 Science!?? Pyramids and the Ancient World
Feb 01 Puzzles A little math problem (answer)
Feb 01 Humor An addition to the family
Feb 01 Humor Costume Party
Feb 01 Humor Discipline
Feb 01 Humor The Clinton Years
Feb 01 Humor Where is Jesus now?
Feb 01 Humor Would You Buy a Used Jet from this Mechanic?
Feb 01 Humor Moses and the Computer
Feb 01 Humor Wet Marks The Spot
Feb 01 Humor A newcomer in heaven
Feb 01 Editorial Isn’t it time you explained yourself?
Jan 06 Personal A View to the East
Jan 05 Science!?? More Cosmological Evidence
Jan 01 Literary Petra
Jan 01 Literary Elaborate lies, Leonard Cohen, and Petra
Jan 01 Puzzles A little math problem
Jan 01 Editorial Strolling down memory lane
Jan 01 Humor Knowing the difference
Jan 01 Humor The mysterious luncheon engagement
Jan 01 Humor Nothing Can Go Wrong!
Jan 01 Humor Excuses for missing the final exam
Jan 01 Humor A senior moment in the cocktail lounge
Jan 01 Humor Eying the youthful neighbour
Jan 01 Humor The Pilot
Jan 01 Humor Problems at the mailbox
Jan 01 Humor The truth about dieting

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