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Pages Added In 2004

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2004. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 01 Computers Mathematics in Louisiana
Dec 01 Computers Announcing the DPD-11
Dec 01 Philosophy Ideologues
Dec 01 Puzzles The Great Le Woogie Reads Your Mind
Dec 01 Military America at war
Dec 01 Humor Curtains
Dec 01 Humor Her skirt was too tight
Dec 01 Humor Polish air disaster!!
Dec 01 Humor Mr. Avery
Dec 01 Humor Baby planes
Dec 01 Humor A religious experience
Dec 01 Humor Did the doctor have bad news?
Dec 01 Book review Tales of the Taoist Immortals
Dec 01 Book review The Man Who Folded Himself
Dec 01 Fandom Random Notes on NESFA History
Dec 01 Gender Evening classes for men. Starting this month!!
Dec 01 Editorial Well I had to say something
Nov 13 Comp. Sci. Histogram sort for integers (fast)
Nov 10 Fandom The great Boskone consensus
Nov 7 Fandom Whither NESFA
Nov 2 Fandom An essay on wasting one’s life
Nov 2 Comp. Sci. An implementation of the dominance tree sort
Nov 1 Philosophy Courage
Nov 1 Philosophy The Top 10 Philosophy Questions of All Time, Answered!
Nov 1 Gender Top twenty signs she is getting bored having sex with you
Nov 1 Gender What NOT to say on a first Date!
Nov 1 Humor The kind Lawyer
Nov 1 Humor The Choice Was His
Nov 1 Humor Senior moments
Nov 1 Humor A Humorous Dig
Nov 1 Humor The very best prostitute in town
Nov 1 Humor Mr. Completely
Nov 1 Humor Broken dishes
Oct 14 Book review Darwin’s Black Box – a review
Oct 14 Comp. Sci. Tracking the median on a sliding window
Oct 8 Comp. Sci. Dynamic hash tables
Oct 3 Humor Washing a sweatshirt
Oct 3 Humor One wish, but only one
Oct 3 Humor So who was right?
Oct 3 Humor The problem with Josephine
Oct 3 Humor Alligator Shoes
Oct 3 Humor Violin Practice
Oct 3 Editorial One day not long before the end
Sep 1 Editorial Leading the weigh
Sep 1 Personal Josephine
Sep 1 Gender The Meaning of Some Words That Women Use
Sep 1 Fiction The tale of the two sisters
Sep 1 Humor The Pretzel Hold
Sep 1 Humor Religion and Accidents
Sep 1 Humor The Method Actor
Sep 1 Humor Green circles
Sep 1 Humor One day on the golf course
Sep 1 Humor I am Nothing
Aug 17 Comp Sci. Dominance Tree Sorts
Aug 7 Origins How the flood really happened
Aug 1 Comp Sci. The San Programming Language Specification
Aug 1 Comp Sci. The San Programming Language Project
Aug 1 Puzzles Just Another Easy Quiz
Aug 1 humor An American In Paris
Aug 1 humor Close Shave
Aug 1 humor Inactive and Confused
Aug 1 humor Brown Paper Pete
Aug 1 humor What time is it?
Aug 1 humor Lost In A Frog
Aug 1 Editorial Not an exurban sort of guy
Jul 1 Programming Writing Portable Code in C
Jul 1 Book review Wittgenstein’s Ghost
Jul 1 Algorithms Address Calculation Functions
Jul 1 Algorithms Choosing k random lines from a file
Jul 1 Algorithms Are two vertices connected in a graph?
Jul 1 Philosophy Mathematics and Tautologies
Jul 1 Philosophy An odd perfect number
Jul 1 Puzzles How many boys and girls?
Jul 1 Gender Sex, Politics, and Bill Clinton
Jul 1 Humor Be careful where you Tie your Dog
Jul 1 Humor Pussy Cat
Jul 1 Humor Grounds For Divorce
Jul 1 Humor Senior Personal Ads
Jul 1 Humor A Severe Golf Hazard
Jul 1 Humor A statue in the Kitchen
Jul 1 Editorial Catch the next bus to Highmore
Jun 9 Fiction The Chameleon
Jun 4 Origins Cicada Lust
Jun 1 Science Fiction Commerce in Interstellar Civilizations
Jun 1 Comp. Sci. A note on optimizing code
Jun 1 Literary Implications of a choice of phrasing
Jun 1 Origins Suffering Idiots With Great Enthusiasm
Jun 1 Gender The Female and Male Of It
Jun 1 Gender Why Math is Taught in School…….by A Very Wise Man
Jun 1 Editorial Words to live by
Jun 1 Humor Her Rare Condition
Jun 1 Humor Science Experiment
Jun 1 Humor The price of ball markers
Jun 1 Humor A young priest and an old one
Jun 1 Humor A natural misunderstanding
Jun 1 Humor Why are we there?
Jun 1 Personal Richard’s Weight Chart
Jun 1 Recipes Richard’s Hummus Recipe
May 19 Literary The Calamity Jane Austin Hoax
May 12 Gender Benders The Public Toilet
May 06 Fantasy & Futurology Harry Potter and our world (by David Erskine)
May 05 Book review Pandora’s Hope
May 01 Recipes Cabbage and Ground Pork Casserole
May 01 Editorial The Horror Of It All
May 01 Humor The accountant FAQ
May 01 Humor A little old Jewish lady
May 01 Humor Mrs. Johnson
May 01 Humor Blonde facts of life
May 01 Humor Cowboy poetry–buying a bra
May 01 Humor The elderly couple
May 01 Humor Late one night in Dublin
May 01 Humor Canvassing The Little Black Book
Apr 12 Personal My last hitchhiker
Apr 06 Comp Sci. Array rotation revisited
Apr 01 Literary Relativistic Semiotics
Apr 01 Gender What I Want In A Man!
Apr 01 Editorial I need at least another millennium
Apr 01 Humor One day in Thule
Apr 01 Humor Pasta Redux
Apr 01 Humor The worst food for you
Apr 01 Humor What would she tell her Sunday School class?
Apr 01 Humor Decency in Washington
Apr 01 Humor A small boy’s prayer
Apr 01 Humor So give me a break, officer!
Apr 01 Humor A Tough Old Cowboy
Mar 16 Computer Science Fast sorting of almost sorted arrays – I
Mar 01 Darwin Awards The 2003 Darwin Award Winner
Mar 01 Darwin Awards The 2003 Darwin Award Runner Up
Mar 01 Darwin Awards The 2003 Darwin Award Nominees
Mar 01 Darwin Awards The 2003 Darwin Award Honorable Mentions
Mar 01 Philosophy The First Day’s Lecture
Mar 01 Editorial Would you like fries with that?
Mar 01 Humor Should kids witness a birth?
Mar 01 Humor How many kids
Mar 01 Humor A bad day at work
Mar 01 Humor The cowboy who drank three mugs of beer
Mar 01 Humor Bigger Chicken
Mar 01 Humor Bible Chat
Mar 01 Humor The Story of Elijah
Mar 01 Humor The Wrong Leg
Feb 12 Comp. Sci RFCAS – The San Data Flow and Messaging Engine
Feb 01 Humor Occupational Descriptions
Feb 01 Humor Seen at the Scene of the Crime
Feb 01 Humor Amanda
Feb 01 Humor Onions and Christmas Trees
Feb 01 Humor Bus Driver’s Christmas
Feb 01 Humor The Decoy
Feb 01 Editorial Pandering to my inner boy
Jan 01 Editorial Ride’m Cowboy
Jan 01 Comp. Sci. Content Change Management
Jan 01 Comp. Sci. A strategy for developing programs
Jan 01 Comp. Sci. Getting the minimum of a dynamic set
Jan 01 Humor The President and the Queen
Jan 01 Humor A helpful household hint
Jan 01 Humor Be strong, honey
Jan 01 Humor Life Explained
Jan 01 Humor What time is it?
Jan 01 Humor Saving the cat

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