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Pages Added In 2003

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2003. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 6 SF Fandom An Analysis of NESFA Membership Policy – 1971
Dec 1 Puzzles A Quiz For People Who Know Everything
Dec 1 Puzzles Just How Observant Are You?
Dec 1 Religion The Atheist and The Believer
Dec 1 Editorial A mighty tasty Thanksgiving
Dec 1 Humor The three samurai
Dec 1 Humor Jack and Jill got married
Dec 1 Humor Four advantages of breast milk
Dec 1 Humor It was so embarrassing
Dec 1 Humor The best of friends
Dec 1 Humor Chess and the Church
Dec 1 Recipes Richard’s Dessert Topping
Nov 22 Fiction The Prince Who Fell To Earth
Nov 16 Piltdown Piltdown bibliography – introductory notes
Nov 16 Piltdown Piltdown Man News and Bibliography – November 16, 2003 update
Nov 14 Piltdown The Clark University Piltdown Plot Project
Nov 14 Piltdown Web pages and links
Nov 12 Comp. Sci. A producer/consumer model in San
Nov 1 Gender Insider’s Guide To The Male Vocabulary
Nov 1 Editorial Thought for food
Nov 1 Humor The last cannibal in Africa
Nov 1 Humor Going To My Sister’s
Nov 1 Humor Not a double negative
Nov 1 Humor The Jealous Blonde
Nov 1 Humor Cleaning the dog
Nov 1 Humor Washing the cat
Oct 24 Comp Sci Assignments in San
Oct 18 Comp Sci San sequents – specifications
Oct 11 Book review Nightfall
Oct 9 Fiction Endgame
Oct 3 Science!?? A Note on Unobtanium
Oct 3 Comp Sci San code – the secant root finder
Oct 1 Comp Sci San code – the eight queens problem
Oct 1 Gender Classic Quotes From Feisty Ladies
Oct 1 Humor Paybacks are hell
Oct 1 Humor The Price Is Right
Oct 1 Humor The talking clock
Oct 1 Humor Cats eating mustard
Oct 1 Humor The princess and the steward
Oct 1 Humor Karen in Mourning
Oct 1 Editorial So where’s the beef
Sep 15 Comp Sci San sample code – a quining program
Sep 12 Comp Sci Yet another scripting language – parts 5, 6, and 7
Sep 1 Personal Advice on starting your own business
Sep 1 Editorial Rutabaga sandwiches, woo woo
Sep 1 Puzzles Remembering history
Sep 1 Humor And your name is?
Sep 1 SF Strong merchants, weak governments
Sep 1 Humor Discipline Dilemma
Sep 1 Humor The unfortunate pumpkin farmer
Sep 1 Humor Freud’s Blonde Patient
Sep 1 Humor You know you’re from Michigan when
Aug 9 Book review The Blank Slate (review)
Aug 8 Recipes Chicken with a mushroom and garlic sauce
Aug 5 Humor Dear Abby
Aug 4 Personal An incident in the subway
Aug 1 Editorial Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Car Gone
Aug 1 Puzzles A puzzle full of chestnuts
Aug 1 SF? 1992 in another time line
Aug 1 Literary Good reviews for bad books
Aug 1 Book review Sam Woke
Aug 1 Fake Science Gender differentiation in fetal play activity
Aug 1 Fake Science A cure for cancer
Aug 1 Fake Science A note on the origin of fubar
Aug 1 Humor 25 Signs You’ve Grown Up
Aug 1 Humor Paying off the generals
Aug 1 Humor What is a tragedy?
Aug 1 Humor A conversation with Johnny
Aug 1 Humor A recent Crime
Aug 1 Humor One day in Sunday School
July 10 Science Fiction Pronouncing Ptavv
July 10 Science Fiction The ethics of AI servitude
July 7 Bridge What to bid with 13 clubs
July 4 Book Review Lucifer’s Hammer
July 4 Personal Before and After
July 1 Science!?? Men and Directions
July 1 Literary What happens in Room 101?
July 1 Comp Sci Prototyping languages
July 1 Comp Sci Humor Twenty reasons why hackers do not graduate from cs
July 1 Comp Sci Humor Oneupmanship, Nerd Style
July 1 Editorial Richard Harter, Construction Engineer
July 1 Humor What a difference 30 years makes
July 1 Humor Pity Poor Johnson
July 1 Humor The Unfortunate Highjacker
July 1 Humor Black Box Voice Recorders in Pickups
July 1 Humor The Ultimate Blonde Joke
July 1 Humor Exercises For Seniors
June 25 Book Reviews Fatland
June 7 Personal The snipe hunt
June 2 Science!?? The Physicists’ Bill of Rights
June 1 Gender 5 Secrets to a Perfect Relationship
June 1 Gender Love, Lust or Marriage
June 1 Editorial Where have all the flours gone?
June 1 Quiz Geezer Exam
June 1 Food Medical Q & A
June 1 Humor Bernie and the Priest
June 1 Humor Vision Problems
June 1 Humor Which one will he marry?
June 1 Humor He thinks he might be gay
June 1 Humor Love ‘dem Baked Beans!
June 1 Humor The Shepherd and the Yuppie
June 1 Recipes Why Engineers Don’t Write Recipes
May 12 Book review William Martin
May 8 Personal One year later
May 5 Science!?? Matter transmission
May 4 Science!?? Why the moon looks bigger on the horizon
May 4 Puzzles Choosing a world leader
May 4 Gender For Men: Romance, the point system
May 4 Gender How to Talk About Men and Still Be Politically Correct
May 1 Science!?? The Inside Scoop On DNA
May 1 Editorial Lies my mother never go to hear
May 1 Humor Deceiving the farmer
May 1 Humor Surgeon Chat
May 1 Humor Supplies
May 1 Humor How their lives sucked
May 1 Humor Your Assistance in Confidence is Required
May 1 Humor The war in Heaven against drugs
Apr 20 SF Fandom An SF fan letter
Apr 20 Science!?? It’s Elementary, Doctor
Apr 18 Book reviews Changeweaver (book review)
Apr 09 Recipes Richard’s Stir Fry
Apr 09 Computers Programming in the large
Apr 01 Computers Haiku error messages
Apr 01 Gender Drunk, late, hungover … what did he do right?
Apr 01 Humor Sister Imaginary
Apr 01 Humor Two beggars in Mexico City
Apr 01 Humor Making a frog noise
Apr 01 Humor Follow that rabbit
Apr 01 Humor How to tell the sex of a fly
Apr 01 Humor Making a frog noise
Apr 01 Editorial You do believe me, don’t you?
Mar 03 Editorial Has anyone seen Elvis there?
Mar 03 Humor A hunting story they’ll not forget
Mar 03 Humor Job Stress
Mar 03 Humor Qualified for the job
Mar 03 Humor Inserting a suppository
Mar 03 Humor The power of prayer
Mar 03 Humor But what about Friday night?
Feb 04 Religion On the Teleological Content of Queueing Theory
Feb 04 Literary The Virgin of Snath
Feb 04 Math humor New Frontiers In Science, Chapter XVIII
Feb 03 Science Fiction The Clement Probelm
Feb 01 Science Fiction The grandfather killers
Feb 01 Editorial You did what!!??
Feb 01 Humor God’s Diet Plan
Feb 01 Humor The blind golfer
Feb 01 Humor Elderly wedding
Feb 01 Humor Just how old are you
Feb 01 Humor Winning on steroids
Feb 01 Humor A unique breakfast
Feb 01 Computer Science Man versus Machine
Jan 21 Computer Science Yet Another Scripting Language – Part 4
Jan 01 Editorial New Year Reflections
Jan 01 Humor Do it yourself surgery
Jan 01 Humor Be careful what you eat!
Jan 01 Humor Nick the Dragon Slayer
Jan 01 Humor The blonde detective wannabes
Jan 01 Humor On the way home from the Harley shop
Jan 01 Humor Her Name Is Just Grandma
Jan 01 Fiction A tale of three stones

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