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Pages Added In 2002

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2002. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 14 Philosphy A new disproof of the existence of God
Dec 1 Personal On not being a lady
Dec 1 Editorial Editorials found here – free and overpriced
Dec 1 Quizzes College entrance exam for student athletes
Dec 1 Philosphy Do you exist?
Dec 1 Philosphy A better answer
Dec 1 Quizzes College entrance exam for student athletes
Dec 1 Humor Tarzan’s Fate
Dec 1 Humor A wonderful new drink
Dec 1 Humor Retirement home
Dec 1 Humor Not at this address
Dec 1 Humor Kansas Killer
Dec 1 Humor Fixing the tollbooth
Nov 12 Gender The gold star syndrome
Nov 10 Philosphy Why believe in evolution?
Nov 10 Gender Just getting along
Nov 10 Humor When he learns to speak
Nov 10 Humor It was a dark and stormy night
Nov 10 Humor Apples turning brown
Nov 10 Humor SOMETIMES …
Nov 10 Humor The price of the book
Nov 10 Humor Helping an overweight blonde
Oct 13 Literary Fiction lies within the bookends of summer
Oct 4 Gender More Snappy Feminine Comebacks
Oct 4 Fandom Rampaging Rabid Rivets Redux
Oct 4 Humor The magic trick
Oct 4 Humor Some boys named Bob
Oct 4 Humor Pheasant poachers in South Dakota
Oct 4 Humor Illegal cock fights
Oct 4 Humor Dear Ma and Pa
Oct 4 Humor The honorary degree
Sept 11 Editorial Freak Hurricane Hits South Dakota! Details at 11!
Sept 11 Fandom Doc Smith Fashion
Sept 11 Humor Health Bulletin
Sept 11 Humor At the costume party
Sept 11 Humor Medical Warning
Sept 11 Humor Interesting facts
Sept 11 Humor The Cross Examination
Sept 11 Gender The Breast Examination
Aug 01 Personal Intimations of disasters past
Aug 01 Origins An analogy for the genome
Aug 01 Science fiction Now what was that story?
Aug 01 Humor Little Johnny’s prayer
Aug 01 Humor How many children?
Aug 01 Humor Poison
Aug 01 Humor Things go better with coke
Aug 01 Humor Kids N Marriage
Aug 01 Humor The Ancient Rabbi
Aug 01 Editorial Some place in Indiana
Aug 01 Puzzles Do you have a quick mind?
Aug 01 Humor A very good rooster
Jul 01 Programming Divide by 100 without using a divide instruction
Jul 01 Book review The Cosmic Anthropic Principle
Jul 01 Book review The New Evolutionary Timetable
Jul 01 religion Mysticism
Jul 01 humor Marvin’s nightmare flight
Jul 01 humor Johnny and Jenny Were Lovers
Jul 01 humor Wrong Number
Jul 01 humor Late one night at heli-pad 1
Jul 01 humor Keep off the grass
Jul 01 humor Definitely dead
Jun 22 fandom My tribute to Ferdinand Feghoot
Jun 01 puzzle A simple math problem
Jun 01 games Optimal line of play in a false carding situation
Jun 01 humor Mad Cow Disease
Jun 01 humor Matchmaker Matchmaker
Jun 01 humor An Artist’s Worth
Jun 01 humor Gilbert and Sullivan Meet Usenet
Jun 01 humor Giorgio’s new shoes…
Jun 01 Editorial I always wave at strangers
May 01 Editorial Everything is a nail to a hammerhead shark
May 01 Humor Things You Won’t See On Hallmark Cards
May 01 Humor Marketing
May 01 Humor Who is that man?
May 01 Humor The Outhouse Poem
May 01 Humor Bad news from the doctor
May 01 Humor Safety First
May 01 Humor Little Nancy
Apr 21 Personal April snows
Apr 13 Humor South Dakota Tourism
Apr 07 Fiction Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man
Apr 05 Editorial Just another editorial
Apr 04 Personal Fat … fat … fat
Apr 04 Humor Attractive Male Faces
Apr 04 Humor Mary’s Terrrible News
Apr 04 Humor Golf and beer
Apr 04 Humor The Siamese Twins
Apr 04 Humor The three little piggies, take II
Apr 04 Humor Stepping stones
Mar 16 Book review The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes
Mar 14 Editorial Cheap at half the price
Mar 3 Gender Signs you might be experiencing menopause
Mar 3 Humor The cheap painter
Mar 3 Humor What About The Rocks?
Mar 3 Humor The grieving wife
Mar 3 Humor My Three Sinners
Mar 3 Humor Nursing Sick Birds
Mar 3 Humor Forrest Gump In Heaven
Mar 3 Literary Notes on a passage by de Man
Feb 11 Literary Who wants to be a history professor?
Feb 07 Origins Evolution and Morality
Feb 01 Personal In Memoriam – June Harter
Feb 01 Humor Sneaky, sneaky
Feb 01 Humor The Lawyer and the Redhead
Feb 01 Humor The Colonel and the Lady
Feb 01 Humor Dickens and an old folk lore story
Feb 01 Humor The Nagging Wife
Feb 01 Humor The Spanish Delicacy
Jan 06 SF Fandom The Bombadil-Dark Santa connection…
Jan 06 SF Fandom Santa Claus: The Lord of the Rings
Jan 01 Humor Beethoven’s Symphony
Jan 01 Humor Some Startling Statistics
Jan 01 Humor Changing Their Evil Ways
Jan 01 Humor The new bride
Jan 01 Humor Four Novice Nuns
Jan 01 Humor The Hierarchy of U.S. Newspapers
Jan 01 Literary Is it your poor child, my dear?
Jan 01 Literary Politics, Literature, and Harry Potter
Jan 01 Literary Good and Evil, Fascism and Hogwarts
Jan 01 Fiction The Book of True Names

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