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Pages Added In 2001

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2001. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 01 Comp Sci Programming Resources
Dec 01 Comp Sci The Story of Mel
Dec 01 Recipes Drunken Shrimp Nero
Dec 01 Literary Today I Killed Grandfather
Dec 01 Literary Dungeons and Dragons
Dec 01 Humor Vowing Revenge
Dec 01 Humor Her Daily Walk
Dec 01 Humor Knowing where it’s at
Dec 01 Humor In The Mental Hospital
Dec 01 Humor Wallpapering
Dec 01 Humor Memo to cavemates
Dec 01 Humor One Day in Liverpool
Nov 16 Darwin The year 2000 Darwin Award Nominees
Nov 16 Darwin The year 2000 Darwin Award Wannabees
Nov 14 Comp Sci Thoughts on Update as a Software Maintenance Tool
Nov 11 Comp Sci Yet Another scripting language – parts 2 and 3
Nov 02 Humor Vaseline
Nov 02 Humor Coupon Heaven
Nov 02 Humor A Penguin
Nov 02 Humor A Crime in Venice
Nov 02 Humor Tasty Leopards
Nov 02 Humor On a desert island
Nov 02 Humor Wedding Anniversary Celebration
Nov 02 Science Fiction The Insidious Darth Sidious
Oct 23 Editorial I’m a stranger here myself
Oct 13 Humor Dingus Dairy
Oct 13 Humor Flowers And A Meal
Oct 13 Humor Three men and a genie
Oct 13 Humor Circle Flies
Oct 13 Humor Beer and the stock market
Sep 16 Fandom 1984 – Unexpurgated
Sep 12 Comp Sci Thoughts on (yet another ) scripting language
Sep 01 humor Doing A Super Job
Sep 01 humor How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?
Sep 01 humor A Friendship Poem
Sep 01 humor At the Olympics
Sep 01 humor Roadside Assistance
Sep 01 science fiction The Death of Science Fiction
Sep 01 literary The works of Jane Austin
Sep 01 book review The Emergence of Whales
Sep 01 editorial Editorial – Does your mother know you do that?
Aug 16 puzzles Notes for the world’s easiest quiz
Aug 15 fiction Genesis
Aug 07 recipes Homemade Chicago Pizza
Aug 06 guest Skinny Discrimination
Aug 02 personal Going to the movies
Aug 01 gender Dictionary for women
Aug 01 Comp Sci Inefficient sort algorithms
Aug 01 gender A Form Letter for Mr. Wrong
Aug 01 gender Woman’s Compact Instruction Booklet!
Aug 01 humor The IRS Genie
Aug 01 humor The Three Good Sons
Aug 01 humor Boring Jack
Aug 01 humor Useless Platitudes
Aug 01 humor The Ardent Democrat in a Coma
Aug 01 humor Dear Grandson
Aug 01 humor Law as it should be
Aug 01 humor An encounter with Hurricane Bob
Jul 19 Origins Hyper Design
Jul 17 Book review Radical Son
Jul 13 Editorial So what is this all about, anyway?
Jul 06 Personal Getting busted
Jul 03 Humor In a Scottish Hospital
Jul 01 Fiction The Dancers
Jul 01 Fiction Good Bye Father, I love you
Jul 01 Book review The Hell-Fire Club
Jul 01 humor New Sibling
Jul 01 humor Feeding the lions
Jul 01 humor Women and cats
Jul 01 humor Cat Flap
Jul 01 humor Workplace lessons
Jul 01 humor Scam Alert
Jul 01 humor The Chicken and the Horse
Jun 10 editorial Editorial – A potpouri by any other name
Jun 03 recipes Traditional recipe for preparing gar
Jun 03 Comp Sci Indentation as a block delimiter
Jun 01 Literary Noam Chomsky and Ayn Rand
Jun 01 Humor Poor Eyesight
Jun 01 Humor The wonderful golfball
Jun 01 Humor An excellent memory
Jun 01 Humor Redneck Bubba
Jun 01 Humor Bush Country
Jun 01 Humor Rebetzin Remarries
Jun 01 Humor The little old lady and the golfer
May 12 Fiction Two Roses in Provence
May 12 Literary? Rite Gud on the Internet
May 01 Science fiction One-line summaries of SF sub-genres
May 01 gender If men really did rule the world…
May 01 humor A letter from college
May 01 humor ST. GEORGE and the DRAGON
May 01 humor Telling Polish Jokes
May 01 humor Big John Doesn’t Pay
May 01 humor The Lone Survivor
May 01 humor Doing His Best Friend
May 01 humor Saddam & Paddy
Apr 18 editorial Editorial: Moogs, would you buy it for a quarter?
Apr 12 algorithms Optimizing the merging of sorted arrays
Apr 10 fiction In your next and future life …
Apr 05 origins The Macroevolution Scam
Apr 01 algorithms Converting permutations to indices and vice versa
Apr 01 local history East Eagle School by Dale Wurts and Carol Jennings
Apr 01 puzzle North Station and South Station
Apr 01 puzzle What is it?
Apr 01 humor Personalizing your sneakers
Apr 01 humor Buying a bra
Apr 01 humor The Chester Nimitz Award
Apr 01 humor An Unusual Passenger
Apr 01 humor Do The Right Thing
Apr 01 humor Problems with the golf game
Mar 23 biography A Brief biography of “Calamity” Jane Austin
Mar 15 algorithms Algorithms – exchanging segments in an array
Mar 01 gender The Next Survivor Show
Mar 01 fiction A time for life, a time for lists
Mar 01 humor Locking keys in the car
Mar 01 humor Posting notes again
Mar 01 humor The Pope and the Seven Dwarves
Mar 01 humor One day at the Pearly Gates
Mar 01 humor The Texas Three Kick Rule
Mar 01 humor The six-year old hard hat
Feb 05 fiction The Goatherder
Feb 01 humor One day at a private club
Feb 01 humor Kosher Sex
Feb 01 humor The Ladder To Success?
Feb 01 humor The blind man and the restaurant
Feb 01 humor Impediments
Feb 01 humor Panties on the arm
Feb 01 algorithm The minimal longest ascending subsequence algorithm
Feb 01 personal Fluffy pheasants
Feb 01 anecdotage The Great Rabbit Massacre
Feb 01 editorial Leading a small life
Feb 01 fiction Penelope
Jan 13 algorithm The minimum on a sliding window algorithm
Jan 10 fiction Lord Geste – Chapter XVII
Jan 01 personal Shortly after a blizzard
Jan 01 literary Accuracy and the Conventionality of Artifice
Jan 01 science fiction Racism and Robert Heinlein
Jan 01 gender Mayhem in the house
Jan 01 humor Thomas Edison’s Charity
Jan 01 humor Cheated by the lottery
Jan 01 humor Courting Mabel
Jan 01 humor Road Warriors
Jan 01 humor A Bargain?
Jan 01 humor Marrying a nun
Jan 01 humor Ohio Driving Rules
Jan 01 humor A Deeper Meaning?

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