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Pages Added In 2000

This is an archival service page; it lists the pages added in 2000. Pages are listed by date of origin, topic, and title, and are listed chronologically, latest first. For pages added in other years click on the desired year in the list of years at the top of the page.

The categories shown here don’t quite match the pages listed in the topical interests page. For that matter many of them really don’t fit into any recognizable category at all – this is, after all, a rather odd site. The boundary between “literary” and “fiction” is rather broad.

Dec 06 Fiction The Lettuce Wine Story
Dec 06 Game The Reincarnation Game
Dec 06 Essay Mark Twain and the Eiffel Tower
Dec 06 Humor Open letter to Dr. Laura
Dec 06 Humor A Strange Coloring
Dec 06 Humor Password Insufficient
Dec 06 Humor Password Insufficient
Dec 06 Humor Taking His Aim
Dec 06 Humor Shopping With Hubby
Dec 06 Humor The Annoying Customer
Dec 06 Humor Friendly Argument
Dec 06 Humor A Dastardly Deal
Dec 06 Humor Password Insufficient
Nov 06 Fiction The Diary of Sebastian Lord
Nov 03 Gender Just A Mother
Nov 03 Gender Changing Places
Nov 03 Humor An American In England
Nov 03 Humor The Bear That Wasn’t Served
Nov 03 Humor To Change A Light Bulb
Nov 03 Humor Performing Beethoven’s Ninth
Nov 03 Humor The Wimpy Truck Driver
Nov 03 Humor Correct your language
Nov 03 Humor The Young Punker
Nov 03 Humor The Fortunate Senior Citizens
Oct 01 Book review Whose Song Is Sung
Oct 01 Fiction A walk through the universe
Oct 01 Humor School Discipline
Oct 01 Humor Gossip
Oct 01 Humor The Virgin’s Epitaph
Oct 01 Humor Bar Entertainment
Oct 01 Humor The First Phone Call
Oct 01 Humor The Ugly Toad
Oct 01 Humor The Lion and the Minnesota Tourist
Oct 01 Humor The Biggest
Oct 01 Humor Shakespeare didn’t say it
Oct 01 Humor It was obvious
Sep 15 Personal My Five Year Diary
Sep 03 Fiction Next Thursday
Sep 03 Literary Only A Grumble
Sep 03 Origins Which Came First?
Sep 03 Humor Working in Chicago
Sep 03 Humor Prison Confessions
Sep 03 Humor The Worst Week of my Life
Sep 03 Gender The Perfect Man
Sep 03 Personal Not entirely believable anecdotes
Aug 27 Piltdown Kipling as Cryptographer: the Piltdown Caper
Aug 20 gender The Concise Men’s Guide To Women
Aug 13 origins The evidence for evolution
Aug 13 humor A Big Bet
Aug 13 humor The Third Wish
Aug 13 humor The Gold Urinal
Aug 13 humor The Loch Ness Monster
Aug 13 humor On the Internet
Aug 13 humor The Birds and the Bees
Aug 13 humor Sea Monsters
Aug 13 humor Big Bad John
Aug 13 humor The Most Dangerous Animal
Aug 13 editorial Rants for a new millennium
May 05 personal Grackle Wars
May 03 book review The Village Cats
May 01 editorial Rants for a new millennium
May 01 personal Richard, The Flasher
May 01 humor A Man Like Dave
May 01 humor Sue and Sally
May 01 humor The Mann Auditorium
May 01 humor Two Robins
May 01 humor God, Adam and Eve, and your kids
May 01 humor Demons In Your Computer
May 01 humor The Union Whorehouse
May 01 humor The Good Fisherman
May 01 humor The Unfortunate Hunting Accident
Apr 21 fiction The bore
Apr 21 origins Marsupials refute evolution
Apr 21 origins The Soul Gene
Apr 21 gender No windows In Amsterdam
Apr 21 Humor The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Apr 21 Humor A Problem With Peanuts
Apr 21 Humor Home for Lunch
Apr 21 Humor A Minister With Children
Apr 21 Humor Two Men In A Bar
Apr 21 Humor Thank Goodness It’s Friday
Apr 21 Humor Release ISRAEL
Apr 21 Humor Daddy Longlegs
Apr 21 Humor The Easter Bunny
Apr 14 Letters The Mutant Letters
Apr 14 Science Fiction The UpDated Rocket to the Morgue
Apr 14 humor A Strange Sound
Feb 13 darwin Susan DeLucci and the Miracle of Life
Feb 13 gender 1943 Guide to Hiring Women
Feb 13 puzzle Are you a true professional?
Feb 13 humor Public Service Announcement
Feb 13 humor Two Alabama boys out on a drive
Feb 13 humor The Power of Vaseline
Feb 13 humor Hook Eye
Feb 13 humor Stories with a moral
Feb 13 humor French Perfume
Feb 13 humor Better Laws in New Mexico
Feb 13 humor Raising Rabbits
Jan 28 fiction Friday Night at the Chocolate Pussycat
Jan 07 humor A Complicated Order
Jan 07 humor The thunderstorm
Jan 07 humor Heaven knows
Jan 07 humor Sex With The Teacher
Jan 07 humor Good News and Bad News
Jan 07 humor Heaven or Hell?
Jan 07 humor Marrying Man
Jan 07 humor The Parrot That Talked Too Much

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