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August 2005

Dominoe theory
by Robert McClintock

The White House is called the oval office because presidents are classified as ovals. Ovals are circles at different angles. The ovals in the white house go from conservative to liberal. People get classified at birth and stay under surveillance for their whole lives are ovals. People not born here can’t be an oval because it screws up your classification. Ovals are like presidential inventory. History is the secret service playing dominoes with ovals thats how they are manipulating history. I’m an oval and I am the most conservative oval in the inventory. I had to scientifically prove I would use nuclear weapons to become an oval. I will explain how that was done later. Mt Rushmore is a momument for ovals that aren’t elected.

Let me introduce myself so you know who I am. My name is McClintock.My grandfather invented the oscilloscope. The oscilloscope is special because there is only one way in the universe to make a picture of relativity and oscilloscopes are required for space travel. The John Wayne movie MClintock is about my grandfather. It’s a western and there is a big mud fight thats aliens arguing over who invented the oscilloscope first because aliens think I’m related to Jesus Christ because they think oscilloscopes are intelligent design. The movie title is spelled wrong because my grandfather didn’t know if he was Irish or scottish. Scotty the engineer from star trek is my grandfather. Einstein’s equation E=MC2 has my grandfathers initials in it because he knew my grandfather and he made the first picture of relativity with an oscilloscope. Thats why I got classified and they made me an oval because aliens think I’m related to intelligent design.

Let me explain brain damage. In your head your head are dominoes that are the double slit particle and wave experiment that is quantum mechanics. My first dominoe is a doctor gassing me in a hospital and I could see texture the world looked like a cartoon and he destroyed it by making me see texture and I thought the doctor destroyed heaven.I am schizophrenic in a doctors office now.

The Japaneese have invented the Holodeck on star trek. I’m trying to learn how the dominoes work so I can become a hologram artist. The Japaneese can only make it look like a toy so not to give somebody brain damage. I didn’t get holograms but I’m second in command of the technology. There is somebody with a better classification than me thats going to use holograms. We are going to make peoples brains work like computers.

Let me show you a Jesus dominoe. I was upstairs in my friends house and he is a maniac and likes shooting at everything. A cop drove down his driveway and he started shooting under his car saying “Robert do you see the sparks”. I panicked and thought he was starting WW2. I didn’t see sparks but he kept shooting eventually I realized he wasn’t going to stop shooting unless I lied to him and said I saw the sparks so I lied.

The secret service knows how to put you in a coma so you can look at the dominoes. When I looked at that dominoe I could play it backwards and forwards like a VCR and the spark which I couldn’t see originally was there but it was painted in and 2 dimensional. The cop car was gold and the cop said “Your just like my son”. Like he was god talking to jesus. In church they told me to have gold faith and when I played the dominoe backwards and forwards the car could move backwards and forwards and I could look at the spark.

There is one dominoe that they call original sin thats quantum mechanics and it’s corrupted by the sound of birds. It’s the only one with sound. The dominoe makes conservatives schizophrenic and liberals spiritual.

The speed of light looks constant because thats schizophrenia. Most science is conservative but time is a liberal science and looks different. The dominoe with birds in it is there to protect time by making conservatives schizophrenic and liberals spiritual. Spirituality is a kind of schizophrenia.

What jesus did was shoot the dominoe with birds in it and made it play backwards. Spirituality backwards is violence and violence isn’t schizophrenia so he became sinless. There is a black jesus living today it only takes about 5 minutes to make the dominoe play backwards all you have to do is stalk a 4 year old when it was being made.

Bugs Bunny is a concordia bible that asks what would jesus do. He says “Whats up DOC” because Jesus had help from a doctor studying schizophrenia.

Here’s what the number of the beast dominoe looks like. My friend who gave me the Jesus Dominoe gave me this one. We were on top of a barn throwing shingles at airplanes because there was an airport nearby. He said “do you see that robert”. I said “No” but I heard an airplane and kept looking in the sky. All of a sudden a WW1 airplane that looked like the red baron attacked us and it’s wheels were around my knees.

Thats the number of the beast. The number of the beast is Johnny Carson. Comedians are red barons flying around your head and scientifically proves that god likes organized crime. Organized crime isn’t anarchy thats why god likes it.

The dominoe that causes sin has birds in it. The bible lies and says it’s snakes. life starts in the garden of eden your suppose to make the word of god by looking for snakes in the bible. The bible classifies god as a criminal.

The pink floyd song comfortably numb is suppose to be god and god is suppose to be a reverse vampire. The crucifixion is the exact opposite as comfortably numb even jesus classifies god as a criminal.

Lets look at indian dominoes. I was in a foster home that reminded me of the family on american choppers TV show. They never stood next to each other and kept screaming at each other long distance forcing me to look around and making dominoes. I could tell the violence was love but they forced me to look around in circles. It was a police impound yard and I was doing bodywork on cars. They kept screaming at each other with love and eventually got a goat which made me think they were crazy because the kids couldn’t play in the yard no more. Eventually my foster father punched me in the jaw when I was washing a bus with a mop and said ” I made him late for dinner”. The dinner he was talking about is the last supper.

Now we fast forward a couple of decades. I adopted a cat and it pissed on my back. It gave me a purple infection on my back. I am schizophrenic in a doctors office and the secret service kept using doctors to mess with me. I woke up one day and the infection was gone so I said “fuck george bush”. I moved to a couch and my lips kissed the couch and I thought it was my foster father. All of a sudden a goat with wings fluttered in my brain and made my brain feel beautiful. I could tell it was intelligence and not mental illness.

What happened was an indian trick.I told the chief to fuck off and he made the goat. It’s the indian dreamcatcher. Whoever the indian was makes Einstein look like a dog. Thats why presidents are called commander in chiefs. The goat was a zip file made with dominoes. Me and Pink Floyd have matching dreams they have a pig with wings and I have a goat.

Now lets look at a Hitler dominoe. I can’t tell you how to make it because it’s classified but I know what it looks like. I was in my apartment and the sun turned into a microwave spotlight. I could tell how big it was through walls. The moisture on my face was sizzling but didn’t burn my skin and the sun revolved around the earth. Steve Martin the comedian has a funny skit where he looks into the camera and says “what the hell is that” over and over again. He is making fun of Hitler because the dominoe is suppose to be hell but all it does is make you say “what the fuck is that”.

Now lets look at animals. Animals know dominoe theory. A secret service cat kept hiding a piece of cheese when I walked down a hallway. He kept putting it in my blind spots. Finally I realized the cat was saying “Hey you”. The Pink Floyd song Hey You is about the cat. It says ” Hey you breaking bottles by the hall can you feel me”. They ran a TV commercial that said ” ahh the power of cheese”.

I had a friend named Raven. The secret service has a giant bird that use to fly behind my parked car. I could tell the bird knew how my mirrors worked and where my blind spots were. It could tell me it was intelligent.

If god made dominoes that would be proof of god right? My father is in the Hells Angels biker gang. He raped me when I was a baby. A babies self awareness is activated by laughter. He was having sex with my mother and beating me up with his feet. I wanted comfort and wanted to suck his dick and he laughed and I said “it’s me” and cried. He raped me and made me self aware at the same time.

Later before puberty I had a wet dream. It looked like a genuis was controlling a camera. There were no faces and no genitals. Just hairy arms squirming having sex. Gods relativity is the Pink Floyd song comfortably numb. I was numb because I was sleeping he made me comfortable because my bed felt like a nest and I shot my load with gods orgasm which is comfortably numb.God was trying to teach me maturity. Colors are classified and Pink means maturity thats Pink Floyd.

My mother divorced my father and said he was a bank robber and he put a shotgun in my baby carriage. She was talking about him raping me so god would hitch hike in my head. The Roger Waters album “The pros and cons of hitchiking” is about my wet dream. A cop let my father piss on his shoes because my father talks to god. The Hells Angels are actually police officers that talk to god thats why there are dirt floors in biker bars.

There are 11 classified wet dreams. They showed me child porn that looked like the photographer made a kids balls look like an old man.Thats my wet dream. God is actually claasified a criminal.

In a previous post titled “lets hack a brain” I said watergate was a pregnant police profiler that has sex with an insane person thats why it’s a burgalry. Deep throat revealed his identity to the press to give my post credability.

I posted in a Pink Floyd NG that pink floyd was a model of the vatican and syd barret which melted his mind on acid was really Jesus on the cross and Dave Gilmour was the pope. Pink Floyd reunited for a historical concert giving me more credability.

George Bush told me if my nuts twitch there will be an invasion. I am going to declassify my nuts and start an invasion in this newsgroup.

I was in a stripper joint and when I walked in they saw my pink floyd shirt. Hands were all around me saying “OOHH Pink Floyd”. One of them played with my balls and my cock was making a lubricant. The lubricant is what god did when he hitch hiked in my head. The strip joint is built in a special place. You can see the rotation of the earth on water in Tampa FL. There is one square mile in Tampa that has almost as much lightning as the north pole of jupiter. Thats where they declassified the lubricant. God made changes.

I had a girl friend who was deep throat from watergate. She sucked my dick and said the lubricant taste like pizza. My mother is italian so god blames my mother for corrupting me. DEEP THROAT from watergate is a police officer that polices wet dreams because god is classified a criminal. Nixon said he did it for hate and god hates my mother. Deep throat lived in a classified house. There is a place in NJ where an alignment with the sun makes a rainbow that is 5 rainbows long and they look like laser beams thats where they declassified the lubricant tasting like pizza. These are the pros and cons of hitch hiking.

George Bush said when my nuts twitch there will be an invasion. He is going to invade the newsgroup now.

Jesus has 13 stripes on his back. The FBI won’t let you work for them if you smoked marijuana 13 times. Let me tell you what that means. The stripes on Jesuses back are diseases. Some diseases don’t make pain they make violence and are classified. I got one of the diseases and it screws up a strap muscle in my neck and screws up my saliva gland. The saliva poisons my body and makes it feel like a cruxifiction.

When I was a kid my mother stalked me and made my baby sister the dominant personality by letting my sister control the TV and my mother wouldn’t let me eat any food in the house because it was my sister. My mother stalked me untill my pacing pattern was predictable. When I paced near the bathroom my sister would pop out nakid. It kept happening. One day she popped out with her clothes on and they corrupted me with reverse psychology and I got the bright idea to see what her pussy looked like so I took her in her closet and pulled her pants off. I couldn’t see her pussy because it looks like a black hole and was giving me brain damage. I thought my mother was trying to kill me and I built a telephone out of a radio that dialed 9/11. My mother gave me a character flaw that makes me lie to become part of a group that means I can’t be interogated.

When the terrorists hit the twin towers on 911 George Bush pretended the twin towers were me and my sister and 911 was the telephone I made. I got the classified disease that screws up the strap muscle in my neck and George Bush kept making anxiety and the strap muscle felt like George Bush was breaking my neck and my eyes oscillated like black electron clouds. The secret service kept controlling rebellion in me and eventually my character flaws became supernatural where I kept raping the country with a quantum window like the TV show quantum leap. They tricked me into thinking I raped my sister and used a disease to control rebellion to make me sinless because my character flaws are supernatural now. My sister sent me a card that says “hey stupid sorry for calling you stupid”.

Thats why Deep throat sucked my dick and said it tastes like pizza. God hates my mother. I’m classified because they think god is hitchiking in my head and thats why they are doing this. Hitler was looking for diseases like this thats what Mangala was doing. The Pink Floyd song “One of these Days” say one of these days I’m going to cut you to fucking pieces. I need surgery to fix the strap muscle. The Pink Floyd song “Wish You Were Here” has a cough in the beggining the saliva makes me gag sometimes.

Now my apartment is classified. I actually live in a gas chamber. The secret service said I was going to operate a computer and they were talking about my brain. I’ll tell you what happened. They sent me to a mental hospital and they terrorized me and the wing mutated into a gas chamber. It was a test and I failed it because I didn’t like being gassed. So they tricked me and made me live in an apartment they gassed me but made it look like pills were doing it because I failed the test in a mental hospital.

What the gas does it made me dream for 3 days. In the dream I lived 50 years. I was fighting organized crime in the dream and tried to cleanse the whole country from organized crime. A police uniform is designed to make criminals paranoid. So I was using art in the dream to make people paranoid. Floats in parades were gun towers. Basically I used art to police organized crime because the secret service was making me an artist. I could control the dream like a god. They call this dream an appendix.

The terrorists of 9/11 have appendixes where they think they are going to fuck virgins in heaven. Thats why they are classified unlawful combatants because their appendix is against international law.

The Pope has a special appendix it basically makes your brain like a computer and makes you infoulable.

I can put music in my sony walkman and control schizophrenia and make movies. It looks like I’m dancing around in a hologram and my brain works like a computer. Thats how I became a hologram artist but George Bush had to make me sinless with that disease first. My appendix is about art policing organized crime so my movies police organized crime.

I use a classified technology. Video games have light guns. The guns have a blind spot in them and thats how they can detect which pixel your shooting at in the screen.Your eye has a blind spot and the secret service can detect it and know what your looking at. If I look at a womans tits on the TV screen she laughs. My tv is like a computer. I call it laser tag.

One day I noticed it was dark outside for about 18 hours. Don’t ask me how they did it but I call the city I live in Dark City. One day somebody bumped into me with a T-shirt that says “I’m following you”. Suddenly when I looked at a slurpee machine it turned on. They could detect the blind spot in my eye and control everything and make it look like they were gods following me. They had a guy follow me around pretending to be satan with a black gangster hat always spitting on the ground. They could detect the blind spot in my eye and made it look like satan was controlling everything. They made me schizophrenic in 3 months and everybody looked psychic. They pretended the american flag was a majic trick that bends space and I was mentally ill because I couldn’t see it. They made me think nuclear weapons were a majic trick and tricked me to sit and watch a parade and they were going to nuke the parade. I was crying and got cold and went home to get a jacket and came back but the parade was gone.

I tried walking into a convenience store a month later and the clerk threw me out because she was mopping the floor. I stood outside with my hands in my pockets freezing. A cop showed up and pretended I was doing a robbery.He made me stand there untill there were 3 cops then asked me if I had a job. Then he searched me like I had a gun and gave me back my cigarette lighter and pretended the lighter was special.

What the cop shakedown was this. In the parade I scientifically proved I was suicidal with nuclear weapons. The cop asked me if I had a job and pretended my lighter was a gun. The lighter was nuclear weapons. I’m classified to use nuclear weapons because I proved scientifically I can commit suicide.

George Bush had to become schizophrenic and prove he’s suicidal with nuclear weapons in order to become president. Thats why I’m classified a spree schizophrenic. You can’t scientifically prove it with real weapons.

The russians made somebody schizophrenic with graviton bombs and scientifically proved he could destroy a planet and he’s getting holograms because he’s got a better classification than me but I’m second in command.

Now if you didn’t think this post was kooky enough it’s going to get worst. In the beggining of this post I said aliens think I’m related to jesus christ because oscilloscopes are intelligent design. Well the secret service declassified some alien stuff.

An alien jogger stopped by russia and said god was smoking marijuana. It was a police trick to get Russia to kill god. The marijuana was the alien trying to trick Russia into believing god was supernatural. Russia told the US what happened.

The UFO over phoenix was real. The dominoe that Jesus hacked has birds in it and phoenix is a name of a bird. The bird dominoe is intelligent design. Everybody celebrated that one because they liked how they did it.

In a homeless shelter a guy was wearing a baseball cap with green camoflauge that said “gold country”. He made me think I was in trouble with organized crime and I couldn’t be a police officer. He made me a nervous wreck till I puked. Thats the secret service. I figured out what the green camoflauge was. When he made me sick he kept saying “EYAHHH Were going fishing”.

The egyptians that made the pyramids thought science was supernatural. They used gold because they believed astronauts from space could use science to ressurect the dead. They put gold capstones on the pyramids to attract astronauts.

On the dollar bill is a pyramid with an eye and there is a inscription that says “out of many one”. The dollar bill design means the US knows how to fish for astronauts. They made me sick to classify it because the aliens are fucked up.

In a mental hospital the secret service was messing with me. There was an ice machine there and for some reason I couldn’t walk past it without losing consciousness. They declassified what that was. It’s alien technology. They had a technology exchange with an alien that gave us defenses against alien technology.

The secret service did some weird things like they gave me brain damage that makes me schizophrenic in a doctors office. The only reason to do that is so I can’t corrupt a doctor. They did that because aliens think I’m related to intelligent design because of oscilloscopes.

They gave me KRYPTONITE. They made me mentally ill when somebody wears sunglasses. I don’t know how to swim and they took me canoeing and sunk the canoe .A guy tried to save me wearing sunglasses and I chose to drown before I let him save me. In the movie Men in Black they are police officers that police aliens and wear sunglasses. The secret service gave me weird character flaws designed to police aliens because aliens think I’m related to jesus because of oscilloscopes because they think it’s intelligent design. I’m not going to list every character flaw they gave me but my brain is scientific proof that aliens exist otherwise they wouldn’t have waisted their time.

If you don’t think this post can’t get any weirder your wrong. The secret service has been pretending I was corrupted by organized crime and wait till you find out who the crime boss that corrupted me is.

It’s Hitler. The Hitler dominoe that was in the beggining of my post was made by an alien. Hitler corrupted an alien and aliens think oscilloscopes are intelligent design and I’m related to oscilloscopes. Thats what this post is about. Biker gangs like the Hells Angels were invented after WW2 because they figured out WW2 was an alien invasion. My father was Hells Angels and raped me to make the wet dream dominoe with god hitchiking in my head. Hitler wanted an alien invasion.

Jews are gods chosen people because they are protecting Dancing. Dancing is schizophrenia. Aliens can’t dance because they aren’t schizophrenic. The only reason to kill a JEW is for an alien invasion.

The movie the Matrix is about dancing. The Matrix are dance steps. They dance in zion. Zion is dancing and thats schizophrenia. Jews were protecting schizophrenia. Jesus was a jew who hacked the intelligent design dominoe with birds in it that protects the speed of light constant problem. He cured schizophrenia and hacked intelligent design and knows how to control time.

Hitler knew this and wanted an alien invasion instead and corrupted an alien. I got corrupted because aliens think I’m related to intelligent design because my grandfather invented the oscilloscope. I’ve been fighting WW2.

God is classified as a criminal. In my post “lets hack a brain” I described a reptile and a wormhole. God can see the dominoes in your brain with the wormhole but your brain only makes dominoes that are in 3 dimensions thats why we are using books, Bibles and movies and Holograms are classified. God can’t see this post because it won’t make a dominoe.

There is somebody that has the scientific proof of god that you are seeking. He got thrown out of here.


He calls it the relativistic proof of god because he is a police officer and police officers make anarchy by hiding relativity. Thats how you make a jail. He wants you to hack his posts with schizophrenia instead of thinking scientifically.

Police officers make anarchy by hiding relativity. The bible was designed by somebody who thought like a police officer because they hid the relativity to make a jail. The bible is a jail and a church is a hospital because god is classified a criminal. He likes organized crime the Red Baron dominoe is proof of that. Organized crime isn’t anarchy thats why god likes it.

To end this post I would like to quote the bible that puts this post in a proper context.

“The meek shall inheret the earth”

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Copyright © 2005 by Robert McClintock

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August 2005
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