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MIT’s Position on Dressing for Clinton’s Grad. Speech

Subject: Attire for June 5 Commencement – Message for All Students
From: (Thomas H. Adams)
Priority: urgent

Please post in your respective DLC’s as appropriate.

There has been some recent controversy surrounding appropriate attire for Commencement. Normally, the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs would not need to take a position on this issue. However, it seems that a substantial number of female students are considering a suggestive and offensive form of dress.

It therefore is necessary for the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs to declare that the wearing of black berets and kneepads by alumnae-to-be at graduation is hereby forbidden.

This dress code will be strictly enforced for all participants in the commencement procession. No exceptions or exemptions will be made.

Thomas H. Adams, Special Ass’t to the Dean for Student Affairs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Office of the Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education

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