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This is another way station on the way to other places. Herein you will find links to “literary” essays and reviews, to poetry and fiction I have written, and links to other salons on the web. Essays and reviews that are specific to the SF field will be found on my science fiction page. My essays page includes links to all of the general essays in this site, including the ones listed here.

Books, Real and not so real

See my reviews page for my book reviews. Some of the books actually exist.

Literary romps

What is the point of Literary Theory?
Ravens, Writing Desks, Cattle Chutes and Literary Theory
Toto and the Elgin Marbles
Deconstruction As a Hallmark Moment
Well Met In Philadelphia
Language and three headed cows
A Note on Aardvark Symbolism in Late Castilian Literature.
Why English teachers die young
Mixed Metaphors

Fiction, perhaps

See my fiction page for a list of my on-line fiction.

Essays and other strange things

On the definition of definition
Writing the perfect review
The Fine Art Of Reviewing
A review of moggin’s post-modernism FAQ
Waiting for Godot in various modes
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
On the Road to Ventimiglia
Cassandra Forgetting
Have You Heard This One? (Steve Witham)
A Discussion on the Art of Writing
Spam, spam on the range
The Cookbook of Jean-Paul Sartre
Reflections On C.S. Lewis
Young Adult Fantasy
Two Adams, two Eves, and other thoughts
A Literary Conversation
Speaking for the book
Robert Heinlein – an appreciation
Only A Grumble
Accuracy and the Conventionality of Artifice
A Brief biography of “Calamity” Jane Austin
Rite Gud on the Internet
Noam Chomsky and Ayn Rand
Dungeons and Dragons
Today I Killed Grandfather
Good and Evil, Fascism and Hogwarts
Politics, Literature, and Harry Potter
Is it your poor child, my dear?
Who wants to be a history professor?
Notes on a passage by de Man
Fiction lies within the bookends of summer
On not being a lady
The Virgin of Snath
Good reviews for bad books
What happens in Room 101?
Relativistic Semiotics
The Calamity Jane Austin Hoax
Implications of a choice of phrasing
Elaborate lies, Leonard Cohen, and Petra
Nine fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom
The face upon the floor
Great literary taunts
Return to the Empire
Land tenure in the Empire
Metaphors Galore

Minor poets and other efforts

Poetry — master page
Poetry — morning songs
Poetry — interlude
Poetry — evening songs
Poetry — wild flowers
Collected Sonnets
The Raven King
The keeper of her soul
Reflections on Zhandivar
Lions and Zebras, Oh My
Notes on The Raven King
Notes on The keeper of her soul

Visions of externality

The diaries of Etienne Bonet were widely regarded as the quintessential exhibit of pre-modernist 19th century fiction. That the author of these purported diaries of a bizarre eccentric could not be determined was held to be part of their charm, that anonymity gave the works a timelessness and placelessness of time and place. The unfortunate discovery that the works were not fiction, that there was a tedious little man named Etienne Bonet, and that the diaries were merely diaries quite destroyed their literary value and they were hastily stricken from the canon.

– The Encyclopedia of Fictional Fiction
Literary romps

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