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November 2010

Letters to the editor, November 2010

This a traditional letter column. You are encouraged to write a letter of comment on anything that you find worthy of comment. It will (may) be published in this column along with my reply. As editor I reserve the right to delete material; however I will not alter the undeleted material. E-mail to me that solely references the contents of this site will be assumed to be publishable mail. All other e-mail is assumed to be private. And, of course, anything marked not for publication is not for publication. Oh yes, letters of appreciation for the scholarly resources provided by this site will be handled very discreetly. This page contains the correspondence for November 2010.

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From: Jay Peterson
Date: 8 October 2010
Subj: Came across some photos that belong to you.

Good evening,

I have come across some quite personal and private pictures of what i beleive to be yours. Well at least the pictures are marked with your email addy.

I have taken the time to upload these to a file hosting website for you to take a look. If they are, e-mail me back and i will tell you the site so you can ask how/where they got them and to remove them.

Link for pictures, [DELETED]

Dear Jay,

I do thank you for writing but I doubt that the pictures you allude to are mine. As it chances I did not look at the included link – who knows what might be, certainly not me. However if you did find some personal and private pictures it was quite improper of you to upload them.

In actual fact I don’t believe you exist at all; either that or someone is using your address. If the latter, you might want to check into that.

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From: Chip Hitchcock
Date: 25 October 2010
Subj: Peter missed a typo

A letter sent me back to your description of your acting days, where I see you refer to the eminent [sic] demise of the 20th century. The end of the millennium may not have been a sordid little affair, but I wouldn’t call it eminent….

This is a little problem here. The difficulty is that on one hand typoes regularly appear in my prose and, on the other, I am fond of little bits of word play in my prose. So the question at hand is whether it was a typo or a bit of word play. The passage in question was written over a decade ago and I no longer recall my intent at the time. I tried channeling myself circa 1999 to no avail. I did make contact but the only answer I got “Remember your Kierkegaard”. I found both offensive and of little use. I recall my younger self as being a rather inoffensive chap; I dare say memory fails me.

In any event I shall leave it as it is; either it is a typo or it is a clumsy bit of word play. Either reflects my writing style.

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Date: 27 October 2010


Intelligent, Educated, Experienced, Tall, Stately, Bronze, & Beautiful-Michelle Obama President 2012-An event whose Time has come!

Rachel Maddow, Secretary of Human Rights (New Cabinet Position) 2012


The National Consensus is That Blacks are the key to Election 2010!! Blacks will be National Heroes or National Fools and Clowns! The Rent is too D _ _ High (he, he, he, he)!

Oh, my. Another Fox News contributor writes.
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From: Rick Fink
Date: 20 October 2010
Subj: This Saturday

Hi Nathan,

John Isley referred me. I need a sub this Saturday in Keyport, NJ for $100? Are you available?


Sorry, I’m not available. Then again, I’m not Nathan. Maybe you used the wrong email address.

Best of luck in Keyport, NJ. Better you than me.

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From: Hannah Abery
Date: 16 October 010
Subj: I need your help…


My present condition is very unfortunate. I have been trying to contact you about a huge donation to be made through you. Please reply for more information.

Remain Blessed
Mrs Abery

Your condition remains unfortunate. You’re not getting any of my money.
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From: “Chip Hitchcock”
Date: 22 October 2010
Subj: various September

re el Cid: “Give a man a relativistic rock today, and he will smash a planet tomorrow. Teach him the math, and he will be smashing planets forever.”

Hazardous Conditions: “If you think there’s lightning in the neighborhood, put a 1-iron in your bag; not even God can hit a 1-iron.”

I believe this falls under the “medium size wisdom for medium size minds” criterion.
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From: odilia dominguez
Date: 20 October 2010
Subj: Richard Harter

Crews battle grass fire in east foothills

Greetings, Richard Harter
European leader in transportation business is seeking experienced and professional Supply manager.
Function of this position is coordinate supply projects..
Salary: USD 63,000/year
Duty locations: USA/All states
Requirements and Competences:.
– At least 3 years of work experience;
– Competent computer skills, including MS Excel, Word and Outlook;
– Ability to work in a team environment;
– Able to work well under pressure;
– Strong interpersonal skills;
– Credit score over 620;
If you’d like to move forward , please respond with your resume attached.
Please set “supply manager” as subject of your respond.
Thank you, Richard Harter

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
I am quite certain that I would be an excellent candidate for this position. Unfortunately I am busy fighting grass fires in the East foothills.
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From: Mariam
Date: 14 Oct 2010
Subj: Hello Dear Friend

Hello Dear Friend

How are you? i hope all is well with you, i hope you may not know me, and i don’t know who you are, My Name is Miss Mariam a good looking girl,lovely, caring with good understanding and honesty, i am just broswing now i just saw your contact it seams like some thing touches me all over my body, i started having some feelings in me which i have never experience in me before, so i became interested in you, l will also like to know you the more,and l want you to send an email to my email so l can give you my picture for you to know whom l am.I believe we can move from here! I am waiting for your mail to my email address
(Remeber the distance or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life)

miss Mariam

Hello Miss Mariam,

I beg to inform you that your communication is quite improper. What is worse is that you seam to be suffering from palpitations that might well damage your health, your sanity, and your residency status as an alien on this planet. Please seek treatment at once.

Richard H.

PS: Please return my contact.

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From: Webmail Support Team
Date: 14 Oct 010
Subj: Account Upgrade!!

This is to inform you that we are of current plan to upgrade our webmail and You have to confirm and upgrade your account by replying to this mail with your user name(…..) and password(…..) for confirmation of account. webmail Support Team

Dear Phishers,

I regret to inform you that your bait is unconvincing.
What is worse, you forgot to put in the hook.
We phish expect a higher grade of phishermen.

Snodgrass P. Mackerel

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