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An Advertisement Seen On TV

I composed the following little gem for some of the usenet gender groups (soc.women, soc.men, and alt.feminism.) It is a troll, i.e., a posting which is not meant seriously but rather is designed draw excited commentary from the gullible. It succeeded quite admirably.

Some people agreed with the purported sentiments. Others condemned the posting in indignant tones. In turn other people condemned the condemners and the agree-ers. Somehow the discussion turned into an argument about the gender of God. Don’t ask me to explain – that’s how these things work.

I suppose most people recognized it for what it was and went on their way. A few explicitly made comments about it being a troll. I particularly liked the comment of the gentleman who said:

Yeah, well, just wait until you see the next Vagisil ad. You’re in for a surprise!

I do not watch prime time television as a rule but I made an exception the other evening and was quite shocked by an advertisement. They were advertising laundry soap. I don’t remember the brand. I believe it was Tide but I was too infuriated to take careful note.

Why was I angry? The ad was about a *man* doing the laundry! There were no women in the ad at all. I take that back – there might have been a woman at the end, fawning over her little hubby. I wouldn’t know. When I saw what sort of ad it was I immediately switched channels just as any proper real man would do.

What I saw was disgusting. This crypto-feminist was babbling about getting the stains out of his sons clothes. No doubt the man was an actor, one of that sort that will never sire children in the normal biological manner. There was a pitiful gesture towards true masculinity – the man (and I use the term loosely) told how he looked up the advertiser’s web page. It is a manly thing to get one’s facts straight rather than to succumb to emotional manipulation. However a real man would not be taken in by such a transparent ploy.

What has this country come to? Is our degradation so complete, has the insidious feminization gone so far that advertisers now pitch their wares to feminized half-men? Or are the feminists (who, as we know have seized the media) using advertising as another arena in which to wage their relentless and subtle war against manhood.

I am horrified that things have come to this pass. I expect next to see ads touting the virtues of skin care products for dish pan hands, ads touted to men. I am resigned, though. The war is lost. The feminists have won. America is done for.

This page was last updated September 25, 1997.