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Annex D

Annex D contains pages that have been overly popular at one time or another. They have been moved to smooth out the traffic flow on the site.

Pages from 1996
     • The Creationism FAQ

Pages from 1997
     • Whole Stuffed Camel
     • A Texas Chili Contest
     • Kitty Litter Cake
     • Back In The Saddle Again

Pages from 1998
     • How to argue effectively

Pages from 1999
     • Big Tits
     • The Cold Equations – A Critical Study

Pages from 2000
     • 1943 Guide To Hiring Women

Pages from 2001
     • Inefficient sort algorithms

Pages from 2003
     • The war in Heaven against drugs

Pages from 2006
     • Why Engineers should not be parents…….