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Comp. Sci.
August 2004

The San Programming Language Project

This is the main page for the San Programming Language Project. At some point in the future it may be moved to Sourceforge. Until then it remains here.

The current status is that the language description document is mostly but not entirely complete.

Language Description Articles

San Programming Language Description
San specification revisions – Jan 01, 2006
Clarified use of the colon – Jan 22, 2006
Revisions and new features – Mar 01, 2007
Revisions and new features – Jan 01, 2008
Revisions and new features – Jun 01, 2008
San specification revisions – October 1, 2008

Language design articles

Implementation documentation

Source code

There is a source code directory that contains work in progress. Currently it looks like this:
    source_code              # master for san related source code
        projects             # various projects as works in progress
            san_engine       # the multi-threaded agent engine
        utl                  # utility code
            include          # utility include files
            obj              # object files (empty)
            src              # utility source files
The contents are subject to revision from time to time. The code in the projects directory will probably be in unfinished form.

Archived material

The archive contains articles written as the design and concepts in the San language were being explored. The illustrative code will be rewritten so that the syntax matches the latest version of the language.

This page was last updated September 9, 2011.

table of contents
Comp. Sci.
August 2004