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For the most part this site contains material by yours truly. From time to time I do publish material by other people which particularly strikes my fancy. Here are links to that material, broken out by author.

James Acker
The Emergence of Whales

Johann Christoph Arnold
Opium of the People?
Educating for Life
Obesity in a World of Hunger
Will the virginia tech tragedy change us?

Simon Balfre
Monkey Evolution March

Gary Bohn
How the flood really happened

L. Hunter Cassells
The Great Rabbit Massacre
A Funny Thing Happened at the Forum
Tony & Becky were sweethearts
A Note on C-14 Dating

Robert Chao
Skinny Discrimination

Jim Collier
Relativistic Semiotics

Bill Conner
Colored Electrons

Gordon Dalton
Pyramids and the Ancient World

Tim DeLaney
Fate of the universe — Revealed

Joachim Durchholz
Programming in the large

David Erskine
Harry Potter and our world

Ellen Fenwick
Drunken Shrimp Nero

Paul J. Gans
The case of the unfortunate plagiarist

Galen Hekhuis
Rite Gud on the Internet

Vera Izrailit
No windows In Amsterdam

The entirely unlikely probability of spontaneous life

A different take on gender rules

Erik Lumberjack
Applying Intelligent Design to the Theory of Pregnancy

Guy Macon
A note on the compression of files

Andrew MacRae
Hugh Miller — 19th-century creationist geologist

My Revolutionary New Prime Discriminator

John McCaffrey
Scrooge: Three Days after Christmas and in Psychotherapy

Pete McCutchen
Homemade Chicago Pizza

Robert McClintock
Dominoe theory

Kevan Moore
Saving twenty cents

Larry Moran
The Inside Scoop On DNA

Ian Musgrave
The Standard Model of Planet Formation

Chris Nedin

James Nicoll
The UpDated Rocket to the Morgue

Levy Oates
More Cosmological Evidence

Kevin O’Brien
A Scenario for the Evolution of Hemostasis

Bruce Phillips
What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Miroslav Provod
Static electricity versus ether
Further mysteries about megaliths
The charge of a human body
Physics during the age of megaliths

Time Travel with a computer

A driving force behind Political Correctness

Sea Wasp
The Bombadil-Dark Santa connection…
Doc Smith Fashion

Peter Seebach
Symbolic constants in register references

Nicholas Shaull
Sod Saver (pdf)

Atheistic Blindtimekeepingism

Raymond Speer
Incest and Foundation

John Stockwell
Accuracy of Radiocarbon Dating

Ross TenEyck
The Insidious Darth Sidious

Jim VanHollebeke
The Old Witch – A Biography

Cicada Lust

Robera Welcon
2005 A Year To Remember

John Wilkins
Ways new species originate

Dale Wurts and Carol Jennings
East Eagle School

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