Waiting for Godot in various modes

It is one of the joys of this century that our lives have been enriched by a wide variety of styles of commentary and analysis, wherein one can propound bull-shit in disparate modes of baffle-gab. Here, for your delectation, are examples of some of the possibilities.

Commentaries on Waiting For Godot

Let us turn to the play, Waiting For Godot, which has an important message for us. Who is this Godot that these people are waiting for? Is it not clearly God? What this is play is showing us is that people who only wait for God, who do not welcome Him into their hearts, lead meaningless lives of quiet desperation. It is only the love of God blah, blah, blah…

Waiting For Godot is an essential parable of the class struggle. On one side we have the ultimate capitalist, Godot, remote, invisible, powerful, whose caprices dictate trivia in the lives of the working class. On the other hand we have representatives of the working class, alienated, leading meaningless lives at the behest and convenience of the Capitalist class. This play shows what happens when the working class does not unite. It is only when the working class unites blah blah blah…

Waiting For Godot is a rationalized dream scene which symbolically expresses the fundamental nature of separation anxiety. Off stage we have the absent parent, all powerful, loved and needed, but not present. On stage we have avatars of the essential child, neurotically cycling through different defense mechanisms blah blah blah….

Waiting For Godot is a seminal work of the theatre. The peculiar deadness in life of the action, illuminates the intrinsic death of the bourgeois mentality which, when stripped of artistic sensibility, is reduced to apparent meaninglessness. However the play shows us that even within the restricted lives of the emasculated philistine, there are layers upon layers of symbolism. Blah blah blah…

Waiting For Godot epitomizes the bankruptcy of the patriarchy. Womyn is not present in this obsessive nightmare of phallocentric hierarchy save for the misogynist “servant as symbolic woman” figure. Godot is the antithesis of the Goddess, distant, inaccessible, cold, and masculine. Blah blah blah…

Evolutionary psychologist:
Waiting For Godot is a nice literary illustration of two modes of primate alpha dominance, both pre-human and human. The master/servant relationship illustrates the pre-human, directly physical nature of dominance whereas Godot dominates those waiting for him through the uniquely human mode of symbolic expression. Blah blah blah…

Not waiting for Godot is also waiting for Godot.

What is this text showing us? What is its relationship to its Other? What is it showing us as differance? Is perhaps, Godot a mirror embedded within the text, reflecting the action upon itself? In a certain way this is so, a trope, a metaphor for that reflection which is not directly in the text but is, rather, a trace but not an arche-trace. Blah blah blah…

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