Home Start

You search far and wide for a Master of War who will take a woman who wants to conquer the Empire as his disciple. It takes years of searching, but at last you are accepted by the very best, the Master of Shenn Mountain. He warns you that it will take years of hard study to learn what you need to know. You tell him that you are willing to spend as much time as is needed. And so it begins.

You learn ways to divide the forces against you and your opponents will the same tricks against you. You learn how to gather intelligence in unexpected ways. You learn how to use terror to demoralize the enemy and how to appear innocuous when you are most dangerousl. You learn how to avoid winning ruinous battles, and profitless wars. You learn how to avoid rancor and division among your own ranks, and how to exploit your allies without them exploiting you.

In the end Master Yoda pronounces you ready, and you begin the trip home to your tribe. On the way you are attacked by bandits. You slay them all but you receive a mortal wound. You die. You have failed. You reached too high too early. Your tribe will never conquer the Empire.