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Things I almost forgot to write
by Richard Harter

This page contains links to my collected original material and to some articles written by guests. Over the years I have written a number of essays, think pieces, stories and things too strange to describe. Many of them are gone forever; most of those which exist are buried in the pages of small transient publications (fanzines) or in archived computer files. Over time I am resurrecting them and transcribing them to web pages; I am also adding new material as it gets written. For my convenience (and yours) I have broken them out into topical categories. Here are links to the different categories:

(Fiction is is recorded on its own page, fiction.html.)

Science Fiction, Speculative Science, and the Future

Not Making It, the agricultural future
Proper Boskonian — the gory years
The Dancing Slave Girls of Gor
The Cold Equations
Lone Star Con II
Apastan – the country and the apazine
Notes on defining Science Fiction
If We Had Won In 71
You asked about dragons?
Reflections On C.S. Lewis
A Guide To The Hartering Of Motions
Science Fiction Is Trash
So Where Are They?
You wake up…
The Old Witch – A Biography
Decline and fall of the Galactic Empire
Escape velocities from the Moon
Energy requirements for an interstellar probe
Racism and Robert Heinlein
One-line summaries of SF sub-genres
Rampaging Rabid Rivets Redux
The grandfather killers
The Clement Problem
Changeweaver (book review)
It’s Elementary, Doctor
Pronouncing Ptavv
The ethics of AI servitude
1992 in another time line
Strong merchants, weak governments
An Analysis of NESFA Membership Policy – 1971
How to Use Corflu Department
The scripture according to Baron Gaston LeCroix III
A Statement of Candidacy ?
Nine fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom
The Tale of Krispos
The Freshman’s Lament
The Tech Coed’s Masturbation Song
Special Faanish Editorial Department
There and back again – a fan’s journey

Gender Benders

The unofficial soc.women FAQ
A Funny Thing Happened at the Forum (by L. Hunter Cassells)
An Advertisement Seen On TV
Tony & Becky were sweethearts (L. Hunter Cassells)
What cloning is really all about
A game theoretic approach to the toilet seat problem

Evolution, Origins, and Biology

Creationism, An American Disease
Abiogenesis, How Did It Happen?
Post Modern Creationism
Are mutations harmful?
A little quiz
Science and Speculation
An argument that life is designed
A short note on the size of the genome
What Is Peer Review?
Lamarck Versus Paley
Insight in Science
Evolutionary and non-evolutionary adaptation
Fossilization (by Chris Nedin)
A Note on C-14 Dating (L. Hunter Cassells)
A Little Quiz In Thermodynamics (John Ling)
Changing views of the history of the Earth
Hugh Miller – 19th-century creationist geologist (by Andrew MacRae)
The Standard Model of Planet Formation (by Ian Musgrave)
Faith and the Oort Cloud
Abusing References
A Scenario for the Evolution of Hemostasis
The Bad Santa and the Evil Elves
Accuracy of Radiocarbon Dating (by John Stockwell)
The evidence for evolution
Which Came First?
Twenty one Questions
Mark Twain and the Eiffel Tower
The Macroevolution Scam
Two paradoxes of reproductive fitness
Hyper Design
An analogy for the genome
On the value of Ancient Wise Ones

Book Reviews of Real Books

Guardian’s Key — a review
How to build a dinosaur, a review
The Dechronization of Sam Magruder
A Fine and Private Place
The Outspoken Princess and the Gentle Knight
Sex On The Brain, biological differences between men and women
The Symbolic Species (review)
The Fall of Chronopolis
Feet of Clay
Selected Essays by Ernst Mayr (review)
Theories of Theories of Mind
Bonobo, The Forgotten Ape (review)
The Muse In The Machine (review)
Swords, Rings, and The Lord Of The Rings
At The Waters Edge
Komarr (review)
Night Comes To The Cretaceous
This Is Biology
The Man Who Was Thursday
The Napoleon of Crime
Istanbul, The Imperial City
This Ol’ Drought Ain’t Broke Us Yet
Decline and Fall of the Sioux Nation
A Christmas Carol Revisited
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Fashionable Nonsense
The Pattern of Evolution
The Monkey’s Bridge
A Nightmare In Polychrome
Roy Blakeley’s Bee-line Hike
Road to Endor
A Talent to Deceive
The methodology of scientific research programmes
Whose Song Is Sung
The Hell-Fire Club
Radical Son
The Emergence of Whales
The Secret Marriage of Sherlock Holmes
The New Evolutionary Timetable
The Cosmic Anthropic Principle
Lucifer’s Hammer
Sam Woke
The Blank Slate (review)
Pandora’s Hope
Darwin’s Black Box – a review
The Man Who Folded Himself
Tales of the Taoist Immortals
The Tale of Krispos
The Mote In God’s Eye
The Lion, the Witch, and the Worldview
The Medea Hypothesis

Book Reviews Of Fictitious Books

The Nathan Childers Papers
Childe Martha
A Book Called Nabokov
A Hero’s Death
The Death of Fiction
Sons Of the Bird
The Face of God
The Doppelganger of Dabney Prood
The Little Kings
The Life And Times of Delos D. Harriman
Dreams of a Lesser God
The Many Lives of Nathan Childers
Mahler and Sons
Three Faces of Adam
The Confessions of Ayn Rand
The UpDated Rocket to the Morgue by James Nicoll
The Village Cats
1984 – Unexpurgated
William Martin
Wittgenstein’s Ghost
Book reviews by Nathan Childers
The Door Into Winter
The Dragon Sword
We Three Queens of Orient Are
Yes, this August
A very familiar book
Death in the garden of reason

Poetry Pages

Poetry — master page
Poetry — morning songs
Poetry — interlude
Poetry — evening songs
Poetry — wild flowers
Collected Sonnets
The Raven King
The keeper of her soul
Reflections on Zhandivar
Lions and Zebras, Oh My
Notes on The Raven King
Notes on The keeper of her soul

Senseless Acts of Literature

On the definition of definition
Writing the perfect review
The Fine Art Of Reviewing
A review of moggin’s post-modernism FAQ
Waiting for Godot in various modes
What is the point of Literary Theory?
A Note on Aardvark Symbolism in Late Castilian Literature
Toto and the Elgin Marbles
A Parisian Midsummer’s Night Dream
A Village Named Affectation
The Elephant And Cultural Studies
Ravens, Writing Desks, Cattle Chutes and Literary Theory
Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
On the Road to Ventimiglia
Cassandra Forgetting
A Discussion on the Art of Writing
Spam, spam on the range
Deconstruction As a Hallmark Moment
Palmetto Bugs and Literary Criticism
Young Adult Fantasy
Intellectual Impostures
Language and three headed cows
Two Adams, two Eves, and other thoughts
A Literary Conversation
Speaking for the book
Robert Heinlein – an appreciation
Accuracy and the Conventionality of Artifice
A Brief biography of “Calamity” Jane Austin
Noam Chomsky and Ayn Rand
Dungeons and Dragons
Today I Killed Grandfather
Good and Evil, Fascism and Hogwarts
Politics, Literature, and Harry Potter
Is it your poor child, my dear?
Who wants to be a history professor?
Notes on a passage by de Man
Fiction lies within the bookends of summer
The Virgin of Snath
Good reviews for bad books
The Calamity Jane Austin Hoax
Implications of a choice of phrasing
Elaborate lies, Leonard Cohen, and Petra
Nine fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom
The face upon the floor
Great literary taunts
Return to the Empire
Land tenure in the Empire

Religion and Philosophy

Mathegensis, The Book Of Mathematical Foundations
The Completely Radical Anthropic Principle
A Discussion of Theology
A Creationist FAQ
Freud, Flytraps, and Fish
The Moral Philosophy of Mike Morris
A choice that cannot be made
Deconstruction and Chomsky
The Small And Stupid Gods
The Small And Stupid Gods – Notes
Evolution and Morality
Why believe in evolution?
A better answer
Do you exist?
A new disproof of the existence of God
On the Teleological Content of Queueing Theory
What happens in Room 101?
The ethics of AI servitude
The Atheist and The Believer
The First Day’s Lecture
Pandora’s Hope
Mathematics and Tautologies
The Top 10 Philosophy Questions of All Time, Answered!
An essay on wasting one’s life
Coming to an Understanding
Who are you?
Zen Judaism
What would Jesus drive?
Set theories with a true universal class
A short essay on God and Four Sided Triangles
A violation of trust
Boosting the Universities Image
Opium of the People?
Educating for Life (by Johann Christoph Arnold)
A permutation metatheorem
Obesity in a World of Hunger
Will the virginia tech tragedy change us?
A fountain of errors
Grounds for belief
Lawns and God
Harter’s precept
The Eight Virtues
The Wisdom of Will Rogers
The Sorites Paradox

Babblings About Me and My Doings

A Few Good Men and Me – The Marine Corps
Volley Ball – It’s Never Too Late To Become a Jock
Horse Back Riding – Back in the Saddle Again
La Cucaracha in Cancun
On not being an idiot savant
Well Met In Philadelphia
On Not Being a Professional Poker Player
The Saga of the Mouse
Make an IMMEDIATE left turn.
A Wine Sampler.
Desperately Seeking Sherry.
Watches, Fine Silver, and Diamonds
Confessions of an Anastasia Junky
What I Did With 15 Years of My Life
Bringing In The Hay
On not being a professional poker player
My Father’s Boat
South Dakota Blues
Now My Proud Beauty I have you in my power
Death of a Fiesta
A social gaffe
Signature Files
A Minnirab Report
Heather Amidst The Wild Onions
Richard, The Flasher
Grackle Wars
Not entirely believable anecdotes
My Five Year Diary
Shortly after a blizzard
Fluffy pheasants
Getting busted
Going to the movies
In Memoriam – June Harter
Fat … fat … fat
April snows
Intimations of disasters past
On not being a lady
One Year Later
The snipe hunt
Before and After
An incident in the subway
Advice on starting your own business
My last hitchhiker
Great Books Discussion Groups
Letter to a hotel
The bonny, bonny banks
The Blue Cow Incident
What the poet meant to say
The face upon the floor
The Greatest Mathematician
Blogs and e-zines
A Lament For Harvard Square
My flight from Hell
An Italian Journey
A pious gesture
Whose window is that?
The Best House in My Home Town
The menace from the north
I am a virus
Discovering MITSFS
This is your brain on skiing
One day while driving
My father’s tractor
Sister Lynn
Birding in the Prairie
A Castle in Spain
The march of the decades

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This page was last updated April 11, 2011