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Just before the millennium

Not putting it off until the next millennium

The turn of the century and the millennium (pedants who blather about the magic moment not happening until Jan 1, 2001 need not apply) offers a truly wonderful opportunity to those of us who are dedicated procrastinators. It is seldom that one can say “I’ll do it in the next millennium.”

The catch is that I can’t tell my faithful readers that I am putting off doing an editorial until next millennium without doing it in this millennium. Life is so unfair that way. However I promise faithfully to put everything else off until the next century at a minimum.

In deepest darkest South Dakota

I have renewed my passport and returned to the land of my native birth, South Dakota, where I have taken up residence for the nonce. I have two motives for this. The first is that I am seriously considering to my native land for retirement. People do these things; they revisit their roots. The besides of which the cost of living in these hinterlands is cheap.

A more immediate consideration is that my mother has been moved to a nursing home. She has sundry problems due to having almost no breathing capacity. Her mind is quite sharp; it is just her body that is failing her. I have moved into the ancestral home for the nonce and will be wintering over here – a grim prospect, a Dakota winter.

Life in South Dakota is, er, quiet, at least in these hinterlands. However it is not without its amusements. The town of Highmore is swimming in scandals of numerous and various sorts. I would regale my readers with the excessively sordid details but the libel laws are what they are. Rest assured that I have source material for sordid fiction for years to come.


One of the things that I am putting off until the next millennium (Gawd, how I love that phrase) is reorganizing this site. It is big. It is messy. I shall probably restructure it and shall register a domain name so I can move it around. This will take time. Fear not, I can do things slowly. Indeed doing things slowly is what I am best at.

Darwin Awards

Yes folks, I will update the Darwin Awards for 1999. There are so many promising candidates.

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