Dinosaurs and paleontology

If you are net surfing for dinosaurs the place to go is to Russ’s Dino Lair which has a comprehensive collection of links to all sorts of resources. He also has a nifty collection of dinosaur pictures and pointers to many more. It’s a class reference area. Another place you want to check out is Jeff’s Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology which is a running journal of articles about dinosaurs. Another page that is worth visiting is The Dinosauricon. Jason Whyte’s rareresource.com has a variety of information and an elaborate gallery of dinosaur pictures. The Teaching Kids About Dinosaurs page has links to useful material for teaching kids about dinosaurs.

I expect I got turned on to dinosaurs when I read Those Hot Blooded Dinosaurs which popularized Bakker’s theories. Two things confirmed my interest. One was reading the talk.origins newsgroup in which Ted Holden defended a crackpot theory that the felt effect of gravity must have been much less in the time of the dinosaurs; otherwise they would have been too heavy to stand up. This lead to all sorts of discussions about the actual physiology and mechanics of how dinosaurs were built. The other was Bakker’s book, The Dinosaur Heresies. By the time Jurassic Park rolled around I was already a full fledged dinosaur nut. Since then I have acquired a small library on the subject. It includes:

Feathered Dinosaur Links

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