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The Darwin Awards

This is a humorous page devoted to “The Darwin Awards”. Links to information about Charles Darwin and his works are at the bottom of this page.

Darwin Awards are (by definition) granted posthumously. This citation is bestowed upon (the remains of) that individual, who through single-minded self-sacrifice, has done the most to remove undesirable elements from the human gene pool.

The 2003 Darwin Award Winner
The 2003 Darwin Award Runner Up
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The 2000 Darwin Award Nominees
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The 1999 Darwin Award Wannabes
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The 1995 Darwin Award Wannabes

Note: The versions of the Darwin Awards that you see here are ones that circulate in the internet email. Many of them are urban legends. For a different list, check the listings on Yahoo’s Darwin Awards page which lists other Darwin Awards sites.

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Last but not least

The all time Darwin Award winner is a sauropod named Seismosaurus. One hundred million years ago, give or take a few, a Seismosaurus was swallowing some stones. Like birds, sauropods used gizzard stones to masticate their food. This particular beastie swallowed a stone that was too large and choked to death.

Swallowing a stone that’s too big is not too bright. Leaving your remains around for one hundred million years for paleontologists to figure out exactly how stupid you were deserves the prize.

Links to pages and material about Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin: The complete work of Charles Darwi
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Suggestions for other useful links are welcome.

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