Blacknet — A Business For Our Times

The following advertisement appeared on the net. I have every confidence that all of my readers have the highest ethical standards and would never ever participate in any scheme that is morally disreputable. However I feel it is my public duty to alert people to the sort of thing that is going on in the nooks and crannies of the internet.

Introduction to BlackNet

Your name has come to our attention. We have reason to believe you may be interested in the products and services our new organization, BlackNet, has to offer. BlackNet is in the business of buying, selling, trading, and otherwise dealing with information in all its many forms.

We buy and sell information using public key cryptosystems with essentially perfect security for our customers. Unless you tell us who you are (please don’t!) or inadvertently reveal information which provides clues, we have no way of identifying you, nor you us.

BlackNet can make anonymous deposits to the bank account of your choice, where local banking laws permit, can mail cash directly (you assume the risk of theft or seizure), or can credit you in “CryptoCredits,” the internal currency of BlackNet (which you then might use to buy other information and have it encrypted to your special public key and posted in public place). If you are interested, do NOT attempt to contact us directly (you’ll be wasting your time), and do NOT post anything that contains your name, your e-mail address, etc. Rather, compose your message, encrypt it with the public key of BlackNet (included below), and use an anonymous remailer chain of one or more links to post this encrypted, anonymized message in one of the locations listed (more will be added later).

Our location in physical space is unimportant. Our location in cyberspace is all that matters. Our primary address is the PGP key location: “BlackNet([email protected])” and we can be contacted (preferably through a chain of anonymous remailers) by encrypting a message to our public key (contained below) and depositing this message in one of the several locations in cyberspace we monitor. Currently, we monitor the following locations: alt.extropians,, and the “Cypherpunks” mailing list.

BlackNet is nominally nondideological, but considers nation-states, export laws, patent laws, national security considerations and the like to be relics of the pre-cyberspace era. Export and patent laws are often used to explicity project national power and imperialist, colonialist state fascism. BlackNet believes it is solely the responsibility of a secret holder to keep that secret–not the responsibilty of the State, or of us, or of anyone else who may come into possession of that secret. If a secret’s worth having, it’s worth protecting.

BlackNet is currently building its information inventory. We are interested in information in the following areas, though any other juicy stuff is always welcome. “If you think it’s valuable, offer it to us first.” – trade secrets, processes, production methods (esp. in semiconductors) – nanotechnology and related techniques (esp. the Merkle sleeve bearing) – chemical manufacturing and rational drug design (esp. fullerines and protein folding) – new product plans, from children’s toys to cruise missiles (anything on “3DO”?) – business intelligence, mergers, buyouts, rumors.

BlackNet([email protected])