Alphonse’s Home Page

Alphonse was born in Guelph in 1273 AD; his parents were itinerant but honest kobolds. In his early years Alphonse served with the leading Alchemists of Europe as a provocateur for fulminating mercury. Alphonse always had a literary bent and, when the position opened, he switched fields to take service under Gutenberg as a gentlemen’s gremlin of typos. Since then he has served with two gentlemen from Veronna, with William Shaxpeare, and at Harvard University.

In 1962 he took service with Richard Harter. He remained with Harter until his retirement in 1992, except for a brief period when he served as a consultant to the staff of gremlins serving Dan Quayle. He is quite proud of the “potatoe” incident. Alphonse now resides in a retirement village in Lower Oshkosh Falls where he assists in maintaining their web pages.

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